Image Courtesy: The Verge

Louis Vuitton has announced its latest venture into technology: the $2,890 Horizon Light Up Speaker, which appears less like a gadget and more like a relic of unfathomable cosmic power from the next Marvel film.

According to Louis Vuitton, the Horizon speaker is intended to be an aesthetic focus of your living room or outfit, a unique combination of fashion and technology that wants to question what a portable speaker should look like, a goal that it has undeniably achieved.

But, with its glass, stainless steel, and leather construction, 35 LEDs, and the brand’s traditional symbols and logos plastered on virtually every surface of the speaker, the overall effect is less discreet, high-end speaker that companies like Bang & Olufsen are known for and more “eldritch space artefact.” However, because I don’t have $2,890 sitting around to buy and dismantle a Horizon speaker, I can’t say with certainty if one of the Infinity Stones is contained therein.

The Horizon speaker was inspired by the company’s similarly extraterrestrial-shaped Toupie handbag, which comes in a similar, UFO-esque form (and, incidentally, sells for a comparable $2,000-plus price range).

Despite its odd look and exorbitant price tag, Louis Vuitton appears to have produced a very good speaker, at least technically. The Horizon has a three-inch subwoofer, two 0.75-inch tweeters, three microphones for voice calls, up to 15 hours of playback on a single charge, a charging / display station, and Bluetooth 5.1 and AirPlay 2 for wireless music. It can even be charged through USB-C. Of course, those are all features you’d expect to see at the very least on a speaker that costs almost $3,000.


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