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FIFA 22 has been revealed as the newest instalment in the football series. It adds “Next-Gen HyperMotion Technology” to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Series S, and Stadia consoles. While the new technology will be accessible on next-generation consoles, the game will also be available for PC through Origin and Steam, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is available for pre-order on all platforms through their individual shops. The game will be available on October 1st.

FIFA 22 was created by EA (Electronic Arts) Vancouver and EA Romania for all platforms, including previous and next-generation consoles, PC, and Stadia. It will be published on October 1st and is currently available for pre-order. There is also a FIFA 22 Legacy Edition for the Nintendo Switch, but no specifics have been released. Electronic Arts (EA) Sports FIFA released a teaser for FIFA 22 on YouTube, showcasing part of the game’s gameplay and introducing HyperMotion Technology.

Only next-generation consoles and Stadia support HyperMotion Technology. PC users will also miss out on this new feature if they buy the game through Origin or Steam. HyperMotion employs machine learning to improve animations, AI, and realism. EA claims that motion capture using Xsens suits was done for the first time for 22 professional footballers playing at high intensity. To make things more lifelike, the machine learning system generates new animations in real time. FIFA 22 has nearly 4,000 new animations, as well as enhanced ball handling, player humanization, and other features.

Career mode, Volta football, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and Pro Clubs will all be included in FIFA 22. More information regarding the career mode and Volta football mode will be released by EA shortly. Improved goalie AI, genuine ball physics, rapid sprints, and new offensive strategies are among the new gameplay improvements. While the game will be released on all platforms on October 1, those who pre-order the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition will be able to play it on September 27 as well as receive certain extras and incentives. Owners of the PS4 and PS5 may pre-order the Ultimate Edition for Rs. 6,499. It’s the same pricing for Xbox One, Series X, and Series S users. PC fans may get the Ultimate Edition for Rs. 4,299 through the Origin store or Steam.


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