On Tuesday, India’s largest kitchen appliance brand, TTK Prestige, unveiled the first of a kind Svachh Glass Top Gas stove in Hyderabad.

The stove has an easy clean design as well as simplifies and eliminates the need for cleaning. The product is the result of extensive research conducted across the country, which revealed that homemakers were growing increasingly frustrated with the difficulty of cleaning a gas stove after use.

The Svachh Glass Top Gas stove incorporates innovative liftable burners fixed on a hinge with one arm. There are no complicated mechanisms involved.

The gas stove has a one-of-a-kind liftable burner set and a drip-free design that prevents anything from falling onto the kitchen platform. They also have a large drip tray that collects spills and other food waste, reducing the amount of time spent cleaning. TTK Prestige’s signature brass burners and Jumbo brass burners ensure faster cooking and improved LPG efficiency.

TTK Prestige’s product development team created the product in-house, at its Hosur factory, having already applied for a patent for the design.


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