Image Courtesy: Engadget

Toyota revealed a robot that snaps selfies while performing housekeeping duties that most humans find difficult. It unexpectedly observed National Selfie Day, demonstrating its newly acquired talent of snapping a self-portrait while performing boring tasks.

The Toyota Research Institute showcased the unidentified robot as a remedy to a frequent cyborg weakness: recognising bright or reflecting things. As a result, simple housekeeping jobs for people become more difficult for robots, according to Engadget.

Because most cookware at home is translucent and glossy, the difficulty in detecting shiny things has been a substantial barrier to their performance. Consider what would happen if a cleaning robot spent a long time analysing a simple glass of water. It may be preferable to clean yourself since it is more efficient, but this contradicts the point.

In their press announcement, Toyota included a snapshot of the new cleaning robot. It used its left hand to clean the table at a residence. It captured a video of the task it was doing with the other hand. It was nothing out of the ordinary. It is a talent that most people have picked up since the emergence of social media. People now carry out their obligations while broadcasting them to the world through the internet.

Toyota Research Institute’s major goal was to brag about how it has trained a robot to conquer difficult situations for most competitors. Due to their surface recognition limitations, robots have always been unsuitable for cleaning empty tables. Toyota developed a way for teaching robots to understand additional items. It was very useful in detecting the “3D geometry of the scene.”

The programmers also inserted a large amount of synthetic data to train the robot in the new ability. It can now move a glass of water or a toaster to clean a tabletop. It is no longer deceived by a simple reflection from a bright object.


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