Facebook Dating is getting audio chats


Image Courtesy: Techy Deed

Facebook Dating, the business’s dating service, does not appear to be as popular as other dating applications, but the firm is implementing new features to make it more helpful for virtual dating, which has risen in popularity during the epidemic.

One of the most exciting new features is audio dating, which allows you to initiate an audio chat with someone you match with. When you attempt to initiate a call with someone, the other person will be notified. If they agree, you can talk about it.

You may also set up two more areas in Facebook Dating where you wish to seek for matches. The Match Anywhere function, which Facebook calls it, should make it simpler to match up with individuals who are temporarily working or living in other places, or who often move between them.

According to Facebook communications employee Alexandru Voica, the firm is also releasing a tool called Lucky Pick, which “allows daters to evaluate additional potential individuals who may be outside their normal preferences.”

Facebook Dating isn’t the company’s sole dating app; in April, Facebook’s NPE Team, which creates experimental applications, debuted Sparked, an app that matches you up on four-minute video speed dates.


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