The personalised news stream application Microsoft Star is now available online for both Android and iOS. Microsoft Start is identical to the current MSN feed as well as Microsoft News. Microsoft is rebranding these as Microsoft Start and incorporating the feed into the widgets section of Windows 11 and the taskbar in Windows 10.

Microsoft Start features news and media channels from over 1,000 publications, like how it is with Microsoft News. Microsoft employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to sort through which news is displayed to users and to customise material depending on your interests and how you interact with it.

Although there will be some “human moderation,” Microsoft laid off dozens of journalists and editorial workers at its Microsoft News and MSN groups last year, so it’s unclear how involved editors will be.

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In its feed, Microsoft Start will present top headlines, tailored recommendations, sports scores, and the weather. It’s a mash-up of Microsoft’s efforts in recent years with MSN, Microsoft News, and the Windows 10 taskbar widget. MSN isn’t going away, but Microsoft News will instead be known as Microsoft Start. will be soon made available upon all modern web browsers. The mobile friendly edition of Microsoft News will be presented by the name of Microsoft Start.

Microsoft Start will be available in widget form from the dedicated portion of Windows 11 when it comes next month. On the new tab page of Microsoft Edge, there will also be a Microsoft Start feed.


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