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The times are like this that we don’t know for sure how and when the water resources replenish. Water conservation practices have been going on for so many years now but the effect of global warming is far way worse than the efforts that the whole world is making towards water conservation. 

But then, we just cannot stop making efforts and practicing hoping for the best. One such effort is being done by The Effort and Resource Institute, New Delhi who has been coming up with the technology of treating municipal sewage waste and highly polluted industrial streams that produce a lot of wastewater.

It is named The Advanced Oxidation Technology which will make wastewater usable with cost-effective manner keeping in mind the sustainability.

Over the years, the municipal and the government has tried to treat the wastewater using Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Multi Effect Evaporators (MEE) but they didn’t give the results that were expected and proved to be inefficient. The procedures were costly and not sustainable at all.

The Process

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The Advanced Oxidation Technology (TADOX) will use UV-Photocatalysis to treat the wastewater that is highly polluted from the industrial water streams. This technology will help in achieving the goal of Zero Liquid Disposal (ZLD). Through TADOX, the ZLD expenditure will come down by 25-30% and the operating expenses will also get cut down by 30-40% for wastewater treatment.

At the second stage, the UV-Photocatalysis will lead to oxidation degradation and mineralization of the pollutants. This will improve biodegradability hence increasing the lifespan and efficiency of RO systems.


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