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Samsung’s most recent foray into the field of innovative Tvs and monitors, includes a 13-inch stretchable OLED display prototype that was demonstrated by Samsung Display recently. The screen can be three-dimensionally stretched depending on the content displayed.

Apparently, the stretchable OLED display was unveiled at the Global Tech Korea 2021 event.

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Changhee Lee, Vice President of Samsung Display, stated that “the degree of deformation of stretchable OLED was about 5% in the past, but now it has improved significantly.” With the advent of various displays, innovation will also occur in finished products.

Since the initial unveiling of a stretchable display in 2017, the company has come a long way. It unveiled the first prototype of its stretchable OLED at the time, which was 9.1-inches long and couldn’t reproduce as many movements as the latest one. It has now been lengthened and improvised upto a huge extent.

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In June of this year, Samsung Display also demonstrated a stretchable OLED display. The display was integrated into a stretchable heart monitor that can be stuck to the skin in this case. The goal is to be able to measure your biometric data without having to remove the device at any time. It should also be more natural to use than another device. Samsung anticipates that this stretchable display will provide aid for health wearables as well as for patients suffering from certain diseases.


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