Telegram’s group video calls now support up to 1,000 people, and new features


Image Courtesy: MacRumors

Telegram has announced the addition of new features and upgrades to its popular messaging software. This time, the emphasis is on video. Following the debut of group video chats last month, such sessions may now attract up to 1,000 people. Although the maximum number of individuals who may join and broadcast to the video conference remains at 30, the firm claims that you can now have a large audience for “anything from online seminars to live rap battles.”

Video messages will now be sent in a better resolution, and you may tap them to see a bigger version of the video. Telegram claims that when you record your own video messages, the audio from your device will now continue to play, “so you can now sing along to your favourite songs or react without interrupting your podcast.” When filming with your phone’s rear camera, you may now zoom in as well.

Screen sharing for one-on-one video chats (including voice from whoever is transmitting), the ability to auto-delete messages after a month (the longest option was previously a week), and more accurate sketching are among the other new features. Telegram has also added animations to the passcode screen and while sending messages on Android; similar message animations were previously available to iOS users in a previous version. Visit Telegram’s blog for a complete list of changes.


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