Adobe is bringing the Magic Wand tool to Photoshop for iPad


Image courtesy: The Verge

Adobe has announced that Photoshop for iPad will be updated today with a popular desktop tool – the Magic Wand. Some of Magic Wand’s intelligent selection functions had already been added to the iPad app, but Adobe is now introducing the tool itself, making it simpler to pick, edit, or eliminate particular pieces of a bigger project with a tap.

Anyone who has used the Magic Wand tool on a desktop computer should be comfortable with it on the iPad. The tool makes it simple to remove items from a flat backdrop, pick strangely shaped regions, or select a specific coloured piece of a project to subsequently alter in the normal Photoshop methods.

Adobe is also launching Canvas Projection, a new method to communicate and display what you’re working on on larger screens. The idea is that by activating Canvas Projection and connecting an iPad to an external monitor through USB-C or HDMI, you will be able to view your project in full-screen mode without Photoshop’s UI getting in the way.

iPads can already connect to external screens (and it’s much easier on an iPad Pro with a USB-C connector), but Photoshop’s functionality should make it easy to share only what you’re working on, without distracting options.

A new “Get More Skies” option for the Sky Replacement tool, as well as an enhanced Transform Warp tool with “independent Bezier handles,” are also available for the desktop version of Photoshop. According to Adobe, the new handles should make it much easier to alter pictures that are wrapped around odd shapes.

While the enhanced Transform Warp and Sky Replacement tools are intriguing, it may be the iPad enhancements that will excite consumers the most. Since at least 2018, Adobe has been promising something resembling a complete version of Photoshop for iPad, but there has always been some type of catch. With the recent inclusion of a fully powered Healing Brush, as well as the release of the Magic Wand tool, the iPad version is now complete.


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