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 You  definitely need the correct protection for your eyes whether your soldering is on an oil plant or in a mechanical garage, in any working environment.  Most  welders discover that spending a bit more on their helmet improves their comfort and general welding skills while also helping to give better protection. Welding helmets, on the other hand, are available in a wide range of pricing points and are designed for a variety of purposes.Helmets are most important items for a welder.

Helmets used by welders are frequently the very first line of defence against a variety of welding-related eye injuries. Primary risk is infrarot radiation, which causes conditions such as retinal burning and cataracts to be among the most common. Welding arcs produce strong UV radiation, and occasionally permanent problems of the eyes. Most of the helmets come with different options of viewing size, without any problem.

Why one must use a welding helmet?

Welding appears to be a fairly simple operation that just welds two metals together with heat or pressure, but this is not the case; welding is a dangerous operation in general. Welding is one of many processes in manufacturing, but it is a critical process because it carries so much risk. It is always vital to take all preventive steps to ensure a good and safe welding.Doesn’t matter,if the welder is a novice or a seasoned pro, it’s always a good idea to employ all of the safety equipment available to keep them safe when welding. Goggles, scarves, helmets, and other safety equipment are available for welding. Welding helmets are one of the most critical safety equipment that a welder should wear out of all the other safety equipment.

A welding helmet should be worn by everyone who conducts welding or watches someone else perform welding because it protects the welder from sparks, UV rays, and the strong light of the torch.

The extraordinarily strong light emitted by welding necessitates the usage of a helmet by welders.

  •  As previously stated, if safety precautions are not taken, this light can burn the cornea, resulting in temporary or permanent blindness.
  • Another reason to wear a helmet is because in dim light, the eye cannot adjust to the shift in brightness quickly enough to avoid harm.
  •  A decent helmet should be easy to see through, but it will darken automatically when the welding torch is detected.
  •  It shields you from flying sparks as well as the intense welding arc.

Welding hoods are in high demand due to their protection from UV and infrared rays, both of which may be hazardous to the eyes. Various analogue controllers are sometimes installed in the hoods. These analogue controls allow for extremely precise and rapid changes. The lens on the helmets has a shade level of 9 to 13. As a result, the analogue control can assist the user in adjusting it to his needs. Lens sensitivity adjustments are also beneficial to him. Welding hoods with four separate sensors are also available. They’re constructed of a light fabric that’s also quite comfy to wear.


COMFORT- A completely adjustable head harness with various adjustment points and a balanced weight distribution ensures a custom fit. The Speedglas 9100 series welding helmets are also compatible with a variety of extra neck coverings, head coverings and welding oremoves. 

CLEAR VIEW- With a better perspective of the weld pool, you can place each electrode more precisely, resulting in increased quality and efficiency.

WEIGHT-  Lighter soldering flask reduces your neck strain, which will assist minimise tiredness and increase comfort when working. A one-pound helmet may not seem like much to the average person, but the difference between a one-pound helmet and one that weighs two pounds or more will be obvious.

VIEWING SIZE-A broad viewing area is highly helpful for overhead welding since it gives you more control and helps you make little moves during work.Welding helmets are available with a variety of viewing areas. A broader viewing area allows for better vision of the weld and the surrounding region, whilst a smaller viewing area allows for a more focused perspective. When considering a bigger viewing area, the helmet’s weight may be a factor to consider.

SCREEN GUARD AND SENSORS- Good quality screen guard is very important for your gear as it has less chances of damaging your body. Covering your face properly with good safety helmet is an important part.The number of sensors in a hobby helmet ranges from two to four in an industrial helmet. More sensors offer higher coverage, which is especially important for out-of-position welding, where a sensor may be occluded. For production work or when you have a clear line of sight to your work, three sensors may be sufficient. For most fabrication and out-of-position tasks, four is the best number.

SENSITIVITY- It helps in determining the light quantity needed for the welding filter to darken. The welder can choose how light sensitive it is to the welding helmet.A passive helmet’s lens is darkly tinted, usually #10. You can see through the dark lens when the helmet is in the down position. The lens will not change from its light to dark condition. It will continue to be dark. As a result, you’ll need to take off your helmet when evaluating the weld. Although these helmets are generally light, some welding operations — as well as monitoring your work area in between welds — may be challenging due to the inability to adjust your shade level and the continual dark tinted lens.


SAFETY-It protects from UV and infrared radiation protection The helmet protects the visage against the hot metal sparks created by the arc and UV damage, as well as shields the eyes. A skull hat and shoulder cover are used for overhead soiling to prevent burns of the head and the shoulder.

AUTO-GENERATED-Welder does not have to manually change the position of the welding helmet, which not only saves time but also decreases the danger of exposure to the hazardous light produced by the welding process.

LONG LIFESPAN-The lifespan of a helmet is approximately 7 years ,which is very convenient.

OVERALL SAFETY-The eyes aren’t the only vital part of the head, decent helmet protects the complete head. Sparks, excessive heat, and flying particles may all cause bodily harm in the welding profession, but with the correct helmet on, this is no longer a problem. Most of these particles will be imperceptible to you.If welding is your profession ,or at least a part of it ,take the time to locate the correct helmet for you. While it may be tempting to buy the cheapest helmet at your local hardware store, taking the time to consider all of your options can pay you in the long run.

AUTO-DARKENING-When the lenses detect a light arc, they modify the lens shade only if required. When there is no arc, they revert to a dull lens that is easy to look through. For lengthier welding tasks, auto-darkening glasses are generally significantly more convenient.An auto-darkening helmet with changeable shade allows you to choose your preferred shade, allowing you to alter the shades for various welding procedures and applications. Shades #8 to #13 are common weld shade ranges. When the helmet is down, you can see via a light glass, which allows for clear viewing and evaluation of the weld piece and surrounding area. The helmet will automatically darken to the colour you choose once the weld arc is struck.


PHYSICAL DAMAGE- The welding arc’s ultraviolet emissions can also harm bare skin, generating a sunburn-like condition after only a few minutes of welding.Different gasses and splashes can also damage skin and eyes .

BATTERY –One of the most drawback of an auto-darkening mask is that it is battery-operated, and it will function until it stops, at which time you will be flashed. You’d best have a backup mask at that point if you don’t have spare batteries and a few minutes to change them.

FIXED SHADE- Fixed-shade ADFs are the biggest drawback of auto darkening welding helmets. Fixed-shade ADFs restrict lens changes, requiring that you utilise shade 10 when the arc is operating and shades 3 or 4 when the user is not welding.The ideal helmet should be simple to put on, adjust, and comfortable for a full day’s work, while also shielding employees’ eyes and faces from splatter, sparks, and dangerous light rays.

COST- Welding helmets are very costly.They require batteries to operate, which means you’ll need replacements if you don’t want to lose power in the middle of a welding session.

                          TYPES OF WELDING HELMETS

1-Auto Darkening Welding Helmets-This adaptable welding helmet is ideal for when you need to complete your welding tasks quickly. When the sensor detects the arc, it immediately darkens due to the auto-darkening filter (ADF). As a consequence, sudden welding flashes will not injure your sight.

Further, because to their comfort and flexibility, these helmets are ideal for beginning welders. It also guarantees a smooth welding environment for long-term projects, which is crucial.

Also, the lenses of these incredible welding helmets feature light shades for easy welding, and you won’t have to remove your helmets as often. In other words, while wearing this auto-darkening helmet, you can operate the welding gun or the stick.

2-Passive Welding Helmets- The first thing that springs to mind when we think of welding helmets is passive helmets. Yes, they are basic, but they are really useful for welding. These helmets aren’t known for their elaborate designs or features. They are, nonetheless, quite well-built and made of high-quality materials.

The nicest part about a passive helmet is that it is not prohibitively expensive. Nonetheless, these helmets are long-lasting and may easily last a lifetime. They are also particularly popular among professional welders because of its standard shade and good protection from welding particles and arc.

3-Battery Powered Welding Helmets-This battery-powered welding helmet’s key benefit is that it is always ready to use. If your battery is completely charged or you have an additional charger, you may use this incredible helmet at any time and in any location. Lithium batteries are required by the majority of battery-powered welding helmets.

When it comes to lithium batteries, they are a fairly popular form of battery that can be obtained in any hardware store or on the internet. The battery may cost you a little more money to buy or repair, but it will make this helmet more flexible and comfortable. That is why this welding helmet is preferred by expert welders.

4-Solar Powered Welding Helmets-This helmet has both solar and battery power. The auto-darkening procedure is handled by the battery, while the solar energy system keeps the helmet’s total power. This type of helmet is great for folks who don’t want to buy or carry an extra battery but still want the auto-darkening feature to last a long time.

5-Fixed Shade Lens Welding Helmet- Fixed-shade helmets  have a shade level of 10 as standard. The brightness of the arc does not adjust with these helmets. If you just plan to work on one sort of project with one sort of material, the fixed-shade lens will be excellent.

    Factors to look when buying Welding Helmet

Large Viewing Area- The better you’re able to see, the better you can solder. When welding and setting up, look for a welding helmet with a broad viewing area and high-quality optics that allow you to see curves and edges clearly. With a better perspective of the weld pool, you can place each electrode more precisely, resulting in increased quality and efficiency.

Versatality- Because no two tasks are alike, a welding helmet should be appropriate for a variety of settings. Consider a welding helmet that is tailored to your unique uses and/or job site needs. Whether you need overhead protection, a flip-front visor for regular grinding, or consistent respiratory protection, you shouldn’t have to settle for a helmet that only works half of the time.

Comfort- A completely adjustable head harness with various adjustment points and a balanced weight distribution ensures a custom fit. The Speedglas 9100 series welding helmets are also compatible with a variety of extra neck covers, head coverings, and welding earmuffs.

Weight- Because you’ll be wearing a helmet for five or six hours a day as a welder operator, the weight of your helmet is an important issue.A lighter welding helmet will lessen the tension on your neck, which will let you operate more efficiently and comfortably. A one-pound helmet may not seem like much to the average person, but the difference between a one-pound helmet and one that weighs two pounds or more will be obvious.

               Top 10 Welding Helmet to pick 


This well-designed Dekopro 180-degree rotating helmet has an auto-darkening feature that protects your safety. Within 1/25000 seconds, it can go from normal to dark. The auto-darkening filter is powered by a battery, but it can also be charged by a solar cell, so you don’t have to worry about the helmet’s battery life. According to the firm, the battery can endure for 5000 hours.For beginners, this could be the ideal welding helmet. The material utilised is strong and lightweight, so you won’t experience any stiffness or discomfort while wearing it for lengthy periods of time. This rotatable welding helmet has a spherical shape and a headband. You can move it around with your head to suit your needs.You can adjust the shades on the auto-darkening welding helmet, as well as the sensitivity and delay time. You can set the speed at which your welding helmet reacts with this option. The lens provides a large and clear viewing area, allowing you to see the subjects you’re working on clearly.

For you, this could be the ideal deko welding helmet. This helmet can be used for tig, mig, and arc welding, which means you may use it for three distinct types of welding.


  • User friendly-One of the best feature is that the lens shade adjusts automatically to the illumination in the workspace. “Auto Darkening Filter” is its name. It is powered by a Lithium battery, which is known for being environmentally friendly. The solar panel can also be used to charge the battery.
  • Protects welders- Its goal is to provide the best possible protection for your eyes. It has three controls for adjusting the delay time, the sensitivity, and the shade. There is also a low power alarm that will alert the user when the battery is running low.
  • Adjustable headband- It also comes with a headband that can be adjusted. The fittings may be adjusted from various angles and joints so that they exactly suit you and allow you to continue working comfortably. However, be cautious when adjusting the headband. It will slip down while operating if it is not positioned appropriately, resulting in tragic accidents.
  • Cheap-In addition- the pricing is cheap. It won’t set you back more than $40. It is a good deal when compared to its competitors’ prices. Of course, there will be some little variances from the more expensive ones, but it is still a great budget option. Especially good for novices who don’t want to spend a lot of money.
  • Solar Powered-It’s important to remember that the DEKOPRO Welding Helmet features solar-powered technology.If you’re in the market for a solar-powered welding helmet, you may choose the DEKOPRO Welding Helmet without consulting anybody else.


  • It gives you 5000-hour battery life which  is excellent.It works for a long time and give you feature to work in day or at night
  • It also gives you Wide View which helps you to see more and clearly ,
  • Provides you variety of hues ,so that it will give you a better sight.
  • It has Solar Cell .This technology will help you more working easily.


  • You might be able to cope with a few common eye problems.More features may have been included in this unique welding helmet by the creators.

HERE IS THE LINK OF THIS PRODUCT-  https://www.amazon.ca/DEKOPRO-Powered-Welding-Darkening-Adjustable/dp/B07QLKCFBK


ClearLight Lens technology reduces green and provides pure colour vision at 1/1/1/2 optical class, making this helmet extremely visible. The digital buttons are large and easy to use, with some interesting design elements. The arc is monitored electromagnetically, therefore there is no sunlight interference and the arc is detected even when the sensors are covered.The helmet is adequate, but for the price, it should have been better made for comfort. It includes an ergonomically built padded head cushion with flexibility, but it’s not as comfortable as we would want. Overall, this is a fantastic helmet that provides outstanding visibility and that you can trust to be dependable and responsive.


  • Wider view area-Miller Digital Infinite Auto Darkening Welding Helmets provide the greatest viewing area of any auto darkening welding lens available. The Digital Infinity lens, with a total area of 13.4 square inches, provides a large, clear view of the work area.
  • Time track-The Infinity has InfoTra, which incorporates arc time tracking, time and timer capabilities, and a multi-language help menu, as well as four various modes of digital versatility.
  • Grind mode-The auto-darkening lens is left in light state shade in grind mode.
  • Use of X mode-For outdoor welding, X-Mode is utilised to reduce sunlight interference. X-Mode is also ideal for low-amperage welding and welding with an obstructed vision.
  • Autosense-Sensing your welding environment automatically adjusts the helmet sensitivity. Ideal for welders who need to alter their settings regularly due to changing welding conditions.


  • It has one of the largest lenses in the business and is capable of quickly detecting possible risks. The lens is approximately 13.4 square inches in size, and nothing will be missed during the welding process.
  • Grind mode will make it easier for you to work throughout the grinding process, and the shade range employed by the grind mode is 3.5.
  • Unlike the majority of welding helmets on the market, the Miller Electric Digital Infinity features high-quality digital controls that are simple to understand and operate.
  • You may change the modes with or without gloves, and you can also vary the helmet’s sensitivity.


  • The Miller Electric Digital Infinity has a greater price range than the rest of the competitors due to its various technical features. If you don’t have the financial means to purchase such a welding helmet, you should choose for a less expensive one.
  • The main disadvantage of this helmet is that it is heavier compare with other helmets. You could feel uneasy while working 
  • It is quite uncomfortable as it heavy for your head.
  • Because it is regarded one of the heavier auto darkening welding helmets, it may not be the best choice if you have neck problems.

 HERE IS THE LINK OF THIS PRODUCT- https://www.amazon.ca/Miller-Digital-Infinity-Welding-ClearLight/dp/B078MLX3QN


It contains two extra auto-darkening screens on the side that darken separately in response to light, in addition to the enormous front screen. The extra field of vision is useful for repositioning while the hood is still down.It also boasts exceptional clarity and true colour technology, which helps to boost visibility even further. It’s difficult to overlook this helmet if you desire excellent visibility while welding. It has a total of six sensors, four of which are on the front.

The headgear is quite pleasant, featuring a cushioned pad that rests against the forehead and can be adjusted in tension. In terms of durability, we’ll have to wait and see. We don’t expect it to last as long as some other manufacturers, but you get a lot of amazing features for a low price.


  • Sensors- It is an outstanding helmet for the professional welder working in any situation. It has 3 auto darkening view filters with 6 Sensors 
  • Clarity in color- The accurate colour view is provided by the Top Optical quality. The grinding light shade and the broadest range of shade levels
  • More battery life
  • True color- For the professional welder operating in any scenario, this is an amazing helmet. This welding helmet provides unrivalled clarity thanks to its panoramic viewing area and True Color technology. In reaction to light, the three viewing displays darken automatically and individually.
  • Protection- These helmets are ideal for working in congested places since they allow you to keep an eye on your surroundings while protecting you from arc flash.
  • Shades- This variant in particular allows for separate tinting of the sides, which is quite useful when working with other welders. You’re no longer completely blind; just the side that has to be shaded to shield you from others is.


  • True Color technology has been added to this helmet, which retains optical activity and improves visibility. The removal of the lime green tint improves vision significantly.
  • Affordable
  • The best feature of this helmet is its Panoramic 180 Wide-Screen view, which provides a broad and clear picture. The helmet’s view area is 3.64×1.67 inches.


  • Comparing with other helmets ,this helmet is heavy to wear and can be sometimes uncomfortable.

 HERE  IS THE LINK OF THIS PRODUCT-  https://www.amazon.ca/YESWELDER-Viewing-Darkening-Welding-Grinding/dp/B07PZ9LSNL


The HSL100 is an excellent example of Jackson’s sturdy, long-lasting welding helmets. This is a durable helmet that will last a long time; however, it is fairly hefty, so it isn’t ideal for welding for long periods of time. It’s still quite comfy and adjustable, despite the weight.This is a dark helmet with only hues 9 and 13 to choose from, but it does offer a grind mode with digital controls to modify sensitivity and delay. It’s also extremely responsive, with four sensors to aid in the detection of the arc and decrease eye strain.

Although the field of view is limited, the thin casing makes it an excellent choice for welding in compact locations. Overall, it’s a low-cost, reliable helmet.


  • Passive-Helmets are made of several materials, including fibreglass and vulcanised fibre. Choose from a variety of filters, including passive and digital ADF platforms, as well as a variety of graphic designs to fit your personal taste.
  • Clear vision– Eye fatigue and the need to shift, adjust, or refocus will be reduced as a result of a clear vision from varied angles. You will benefit from enhanced optical quality, allowing you to perform at your best.
  • Ideal-The extended front protects the neck from sparks, and the narrow shell shape is ideal for working in confined areas, slag, and other physical dangers.
  • Protective-The Jackson Safety HSL 1 passive welding helmet has a small shell shape that is ideal for welding in compact locations and is ideal for students, hobbyists, and inspectors. The HSL 1 features an enlarged front for improved neck protection and is hard hat adaptable (adapter supplied separately). It features a shade 10 polycarbonate filter and provides a clear and unobstructed view of the weld puddle.
  • Solar Powered-Welders will appreciate the important features of the Jackson Safety WH40 Welding Helmet with variable auto darkening filter. It offers a range of shades from 9 to 13, as well as sensitivity and delay settings, so you can get the job done perfectly. It is solar-powered, so there are no batteries to worry about.


  • This is one of the few entry-level welding helmets that offers actual neck protection.
  • Hard hats are compatible with this helmet. It is lightweight and comfy, allowing you to wear it for extended periods of time.


  • It won’t give the same level of comfort as helmets with ADF lenses and other automated functions.
  • Small view

HERE IS THE LINK OF THIS PRODUCT- https://www.amazon.ca/Jackson-Safety-Passive-Welding-Helmet/dp/B008D862JY


This professional welding helmet offers a good blend of comfort and clarity at a reasonable price. The optical clarity is exceptional, measuring a precise 1/1/1/1 and incorporating 4C lens technology for a genuine colour view. For shades 5-13, the lens is continuously changeable, with an external grind button to instantly convert between weld and grind mode.

Although it lacks the curvature and wide field of view of other helmets, it compensates with a taller viewing area that results in a massive overall window size (12.5 square inches) that is ideal for seeing what’s directly in front of you.

It’s also a lightweight and comfy helmet. To alleviate discomfort and pressure on the head, the headgear distributes weight over six contact points. There are numerous adjustment points available if you require them to provide the most comfortable fit possible.


  • Safety- It’s well-built for safety, and it’s tough enough to withstand the rigours of construction work.
  • Wide range-If you’re searching for a helmet with a lot of features, the Viking 3350 should be on your radar. Its diverse set of features and capabilities make it an excellent choice for both pros and beginners.
  • Use in industries- It can be used in a variety of industries, including general fabrication, power generating, shipbuilding, structural, offshore, and pipeline construction.
  • Suitability-This high-quality welding helmet is built to withstand a lot of punishment. It’s ideal for both professional welders and do-it-yourselfers. The lens has a high sensitivity and may be used with TIG welding at low amps.
  • Lens-This is the brand’s newest technology, which is meant to increase visibility while reducing the green tinted light. This decreases eye strain and aids in the production of better welds due to the increased perspective.


  • It includes endless dial adjustable shade levels ranging from 7 to 13, as well as a shade level 3 grind mode.
  • The digital controls are located inside the helmet and allow for shade levels 9-13 to be adjusted. This filter has a reaction time of 1/25,000th second, which is the fastest available.
  • It has a large selection of high-quality auto-darkening welding helmets to choose from. We looked at five items that have large viewports, quick reaction speeds, and are light and pleasant to wear.
  • It gives welder more wider view.


  • Some users claim that their helmet does not remain in place and it has only 2 arc sensors

 HERE IS THE LINK OF THIS PRODUCT- https://www.amazon.ca/Lincoln-Electric-VIKING-Welding-Technology/dp/B01ASC228W

6- Esab Sentinel A50

With a true colour lens that gives a blueish arc colour, this futuristic-looking helmet provides great clarity. When you wear this helmet, you can see a lot more.

The external grind mode button is located on the top of the helmet and is used to switch between processes. On the interior, there’s a one-of-a-kind touchscreen display that lets you switch between different hues, sensitivity, delay, and remember settings for various processes. This feature appeals to me, however it may be difficult to use with large hands and gloves.It’s quite comfortable to wear, with an adjustable 5-point headband to help you match it to your head shape, and the front lens can be quickly replaced in a matter of seconds. The lens’ curvature aids in increasing the field of vision, but it is prone to warping during heated procedures. If you’re TIG welding or working with thin stainless steel, keep your face away from the weld.


  • Comfortable-You could forget you’re wearing it because the hood is so cosy. It just weights 1.4 pounds and does not feel like you’re wearing a huge bucket on your head.
  • Long Lasting-Because it is supported by a five-point HALO headpiece, the welding helmet is suited for long hours of work.
  • Lens-The helmet comes with a big viewing port, coloured touch panels, and high-quality lenses, to name a few features.
  • Positioning-The Sentinel A50’s Halo adjustable 5-point headpiece provides immediate comfort to operators. With five contact points, including a central pivot point that offers maximum head clearance while the helmet is in the up position, the ergonomic, low-profile design improves weight distribution.
  • Grind-A grind application mode is engaged externally on the shell’s temple for grinding, allowing operators to go from welding to grinding without taking off their helmet. By holding the button down for two seconds, the grind mode may be accessed and removed. Operators can reduce downtime by switching applications rapidly without having to use an internal switch on the control panel when using an external grind mode button.


  • The helmet is completely adjustable, with up to half a million touch points in various configurations. There are five times as many contact points in this welding helmet as there are in traditional welding helmets.
  • It also has a ratcheting function that allows users to make little to major changes.
  • A welding helmet’s comfort must be matched by its ability to see well. As a result, the welder may use the helmet completely
  • It also has eight separate memory functions, allowing you to preset your colour choices.


  • When you move your head while working, the lens becomes distorted.
  • When wearing gloves, the touch screen does not appear to operate.

HERE IS THE LINK OF THIS PREODUCT- https://www.amazon.ca/ESAB-Sentinel-Welding-Helmet-0700000800/dp/B074PCQF7H


The Hobart Inventor is a good welding helmet that isn’t much more expensive than the YESWELDER, but it comes with the added durability and reliability that comes with a Hobart product. It has 4 sensors and an optical rating of 1/1/1/1; the colour has a greenish tint but is fully responsive and the clarity is good.

It’s light, so it’s comfortable to wear for long periods of time. With multiple adjustment settings and a padded headband, the headgear is also very comfortable. There is a grind mode, and the controls on the inside of the helmet are analogue, so you’ll have to flip the hood up to change.


  • Good controls-The welding helmet’s analogue controls make it simple to alter shade, sensitivity, and delay.
  • Protecticve-This welding helmet is suitable for MIG, TIG, and stick welding. In addition, when grinding, the welding helmet serves as a protective shield.
  • Sensors-It has top quality 4 sensors
  • Lens-It includes a standard lens, not a true colour one, which justifies the low price.
  • Grind-A flashing led within the hood blinks when the grinding mode is on, which is a nice little feature added to this helmet. It’s a great feature that reminds you if you’re in grind mode so you don’t flash yourself.


  • This helmet is as much about comfort as it is about performance.
  • It has a grind mode which gives you protection against light and helps you to work faster.
  • In the event of an emergency, it also makes it simpler for other welders to locate you.


  • You cannot see much from the inside as it does not offer you larger view .

HERE IS THE LINK OF THIS PRODUCT- https://www.amazon.ca/Hobart-770890-Auto-Darkening-Welding-Helmet/dp/B07MKRYWMD


This welding helmet is without a doubt one of the best on the market; it’s comfortable, clear, fashionable, and has a huge viewing area.

When wearing this helmet, vision is excellent. The picture quality is great, and the viewing screen is big with side panes for better peripheral vision. If you work in a crowded setting, having better visibility of your surrounds might be really beneficial. The helmet’s attachment system also pulls you closer to the lens, allowing you to see more clearly. It comes in a variety of dark colours 5, 8, 9, and 9-13, as well as a light shade 3 with an exterior button.The Speedglass 9100XXi is also built to be comfortable. It’s light and secure, with two adjustable head straps, a padded headband, and a swivel-mounted smooth ratchet mechanism. Because the design adapts to your head shape, you don’t have to tighten it as much. Finally, there is additional ventilation on the side that allows you to evacuate your breath from the hood while preventing fumes from entering.


  • Heat resistant-The hard hat shell is made of heat-resistant polycarbonate, and it complies with ANSI Z89.1-2009 standards for Type 1 Class G hard hats. Aluminum fabric, which is optional, reflects radiant welding heat.
  • Breathable-When powered air respiratory protection is required, the 3M Adflo PAPR is an excellent choice. Because of its thin profile, light weight, and ergonomic design, it may be used in a variety of tight welding areas.
  • View- The view is lighter and less green,Even in the darker state ,you can see colors and contours better.
  • Grind- This welding helmet from Speedglas has a number of interesting features, including a memory mode that recalls your most used settings and an external grind button.
  • Lens- With four sensors and Hobart’s quickest lens reaction time, this Premium helmet provides a wider field of vision. This device is made to suit the demands of professional welders in terms of performance and comfort.


  • The Welding Helmet speed glass 9100XXi uses lithium batteries rather than solar energy to function. It is one of the most effective power sources for safety helmets.
  • It includes an exhaust system that directs your exhaled air out of the helmet, reducing heat and moisture.
  • It is extremely long-lasting, making it ideal for industrial use.


  • The only disadvantage for you here is the cost is very high.



This YESWELDER welding helmet is the best bang for your buck. The large front viewing area, which provides excellent visibility, can be seen right away. For the budget, the lens performs admirably in terms of colour, with a close-to-true colour vision that minimises green tinting. It also contains four sensors, which are uncommon at this pricing. It has a grind mode and controls on the side for easy adjustments when wearing gloves, and it adjusts between hues 5 and 13.The construction quality isn’t great; they don’t have the same dependability as a Lincoln or 3M, the straps aren’t as sturdy as they should be, and bolts have been known to come undone. Having said that, many individuals have had a positive experience, and the lens is of excellent quality, so you’ll still get outstanding visibility for a low price.


  • Pocket-Friendly-When you consider the features that this helmet has to offer for less than $100, it’s a terrific deal.
  • Clarity-You’ll appreciate the huge view size and clarity that this budget helmet provides, and you’ll be able to retire your old, green-tinted helmet.
  • Controls-For any welder who wears protective gloves when welding, the external control buttons on the side of the YesWelder M800HP helmet are a perfect option.It also boosts productivity by eliminating the need to remove your helmet when welding. The buttons on the controls are extra large and easy to use.
  • Headgear-The accompanying headgear is rather comfortable and adjustable to ensure a proper fit, but it is of poor overall quality. To ensure optimal comfort while welding with this helmet, you might consider replacing it with a higher-quality one.
  • Safety- When purchasing a welding helmet, the most important consideration should be safety. You’ll be pleased to learn that the YESWELDER LYG-M800H complies with EN379 as well as ANSI: Z87.1 safety and technical requirements.


  • True colour technology is also used to provide great visibility while working.
  • Welding is a dangerous practice, and one of the reasons you should get this helmet is to protect your head from sparks, heat, and flying particles while you work.


  • The shell in this helmet is made of plastic which is comparing to other helmets is very thin.

 HERE IS THE LINK OF THIS PRODUCT- https://www.amazon.ca/stores/YESWELDER/YESWELDER/page/DD257C9E-559F-4AAD-AFE3-9C7C

10- ANTRA AH6-260-0000

The Antra Welding Helmet is undoubtedly the most popular welding helmet on the market, and it is also the most affordable on our list. With a strong optical class, lens reaction speed, and 5-13 shade range, it’s lightweight, adaptable, and ticks a lot of boxes in terms of quality. The arc has a green tint, and the clarity and colour are good. It now features a grind mode and sensitivity settings that may be adjusted.It’s so light that you can use it for long periods of time when welding, and it’s also adjustable for added comfort. Because it isn’t the most durable option, I wouldn’t use it for heavy welding or if you need something that will last a long time.


  • Comfort-Reduces head and neck tension due to its small weight; Fully automatic auto darkening lens eliminates the need to flip the hood up and down; External Gridning Switch for Quick Switching Between Welding and Grinding
  • Performance-Premium redundant arc sensors with extremely responsive detecting and controlling units provide super-fast switching time and precise auto darkening, reducing harmful radiation bypass and avoiding eye strain.
  • Reliability-Interference Suppression Technologies reduce false triggering by being less sensitive to sunlight and workshop lights while being extremely responsive to the welding arc, even in the most difficult to detect DC TIG welding arcs.
  • Antra AH6260 Series welding helmet is featured with the smart chip controlled 4 sensor auto darkening lens, which is extremely fast responsive to electric arc from TIG, MIG, MMA or Plasma applications. This light weight welding helmet is so versatile that it can be used on grinding, cutting and welding applications


  • The four light sensors included with this helmet make it easier to pick up light from the arc that initiates the darkening process.
  • The auto darkening helmet has resulted in better welding, less physical exhaustion, and time savings.
  • If you need to wear glasses, there is plenty of area below the hood.


  • Fasteners on headgear have a propensity to loosen and quit keeping the helmet up.
  • With only a few devices sold, battery life has been a concern.

 HERE IS THE LINK OF THIS PRODUCT- https://www.amazon.ca/Antra-AH6-260-0000-Darkening-Welding-Grinding/dp/B00BWAEYV8


  Above mentioned welding helmet are top 10 amazing helmets which you can use. NOw you may have an idea of some good helmet,so choose wisely.Here are top two recommendations:

1- YESWELDER EH-302C Panoramic 180 View

2-DEKOPRO Auto Darkening


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