Image Courtesy: Telangana Today

Apple has been generous with free trials in its quest to become as well-known for services as it is for hardware and software, providing a year of Apple TV Plus for free and extending the offer many times. But that will soon change: from July 1st, 2021, individuals who purchase new Apple products will only receive three months of free movie streaming, rather than a year. After the trial period expires, the $4.99 per month membership fee for Apple TV Plus takes effect.

Apple isn’t saying anything about the move, but it’s included in the fine print on the new Apple TV 4K product page (via The Loop’s executive editor Dave Mark) and in Apple’s official terms and conditions for the offer.

Shortening the free trial period could indicate that the company is confident enough in its Apple TV lineup that people will stick around, whether it’s for a new season of Ted Lasso in July or one of the bigger, blockbuster TV shows the company has planned for the rest of the year, such as Invasion or Foundation. According to Ted Lasso, Apple is obviously attempting to generate enthusiasm. On Monday, the firm released products and a new teaser for the show’s second season.

Losing an extra nine months of a now-pretty decent TV service may make it more difficult to stomach the expense of pricey Apple items. However, if you purchase and activate a device before June 30, 2021, you will be able to take advantage of the original, lengthier deal.


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