Do you suffer from back pain?

If you do, then you are a part of those 80 percent of all adults who suffer from various types of back pain during their lives and could be benefited by owning an inversion table and implementing a daily practice inversion therapy.

If you have talked to your doctor and he wants to give inversion therapy a try, then here are some best inversion table list down below-

1. Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table-

The Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table is one of the best tablets on the market today. This table is ideal for people who are looking to treat back pain. The ITX table has a large padded backrest and is the hardest for when you invert. The equipment boasts 6 different positional options ideal for people of heights and needs. The sturdy metal system includes ergonomic handholds, reversible ankle, holding blocks, and an adjustable headrest.

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2. Exerpeutic 575SL Foldaway Mobile Inversion Table-

Unlike other inversion tables the patent-pending folding design of the exerpeutic 575SL foldaway, lets you fold the backrest in half easily and store your inversion table in even the smallest of spaces. Two straps secure the folded backrest when the table is put away with the included 4 transportation wheels. The 575SL can be easily rolled into storage after being folded when not in use. To get started simply place your ankles into padded no-pinch airsoft ankle holders. The airsoft contains multiple connected individual air chambers. With these built-in air chambers, the system will tightly secure and fit to the shape of your legs and ankles. This serves to keep the users in total comfort.

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3. Harison Heavy Duty Inversion Table-

The Harrison Inversion Table is made with a memory foam 3d backrest that supports both the back and neck with an ergonomic design. Hugging your body’s natural contours to allow for added comfort and pain relief. The table can invert anywhere from 20 degrees to a full 180 degrees.

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4. Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat Table-

Inversion is one such option; heat and massage are others. The Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat Table combines them all into one device that might just be the thing to deliver your release. With many of the options of a standard inversion table what sets the Innova apart is the lumbar pad. This adjustable rectangular pad both massages your back and applies heat to whenever you need it.

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5. Innova ITM5900 Inversion Therapy Table-

The ITM5900 is a heavy-duty Inversion table that comes with a spinal heat and massage pad and many new features for the most comfortable inversion. It has an advanced vertical massage pad that can cover the entire spine area and a contour integrated lumbar pad to provide heat and massage therapy to the waist area.

The unique system can be adjusted for heat and massage therapy as well as many manual and automatic pre-programmed settings. Innova inversion tables have the first two-way adjustable system on the market. Adjustable height and adjustable headrest help you find your perfect center of gravity for the smoothest inversion.

This inversion table comes with a unique and convenient angle slot pin system. The slot system has 6 inversion settings to accommodate all users and comes with a protective cover. The ITM5900 also has an ergonomic ankle holding system designed to adapt to the shape of your ankles with a large and small back to alleviate the pressures on the ankles while inverting.

To reduce back bending and back stress during inversion the height adjustment tube can handle users from 4 feet, 10 to 6 feet. Simply remove the adjustment knob and you can get the height setting in just seconds. The table’s heavy-duty frame uses strong 38-millimeter square tubes that can handle body weight up to 300 pounds.

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6. Exerpeutic Inversion Table with SURELOCK and AIRSOFT-

The Exerpeutic Inversion Table takes security to the highest level with the large and comfortable airsoft holder ankle straps. Unlike most inversion tables, this Surelock and Airsoft table have extra-large security when you are inverted. The Sherlock ankle locking system uses 2 palm-activated adjustable ratfish tooth locks to secure your feet in places before you go upside down.

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7. IRONMAN Gravity 4000-

 The IRONMAN Gravity 4000 is designed for larger inverters. With a maximum height of 6 foot 6 inches and weight limited to 350 pounds. This table can invert a large, strong athlete without issue. In addition to its extra size and strength, The IRONMAN Gravity 4000 has several other nice features people will enjoy.

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8.  Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table-

This Teeter inversion table helps to take care of the degenerative discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, tight muscles, and backache. It is built using heavy-duty tubular steel and comes with several advanced features to ease back pain and increase physical strength. For a large grip surface and more stretching variations, this inversion table offers the patented max handles. The stretched handholds will give you more looseness options. It will also free up the ligaments and relieve the back pain. You can adjust the inversion table to preset angles of 20-40 or 60 degrees according to your comfort with the help of an easy angle tether strap. To eliminate the requirements to bend and secure the ankles this table features the triple lock with an extended handle. For more safety, the spinal decompression therapy table is using the X reach mechanism. The bed flexes with a smooth surface feature will facilitate you to get the flawless body slide which will assist you to optimize spinal pain relief. This inversion table offers 4 height options and a lumber bridge. The maximum capacity of this inversion table is 300 pounds.

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9. Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table-

The Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table includes value-added accessories to elevate your teeter experience. The teeter is built with the best material like heat treated and high gauge steel and backed by third-party quality certification by the world’s leading consumer safety product-testing organization.

The teeter makes the only inversion table on the market FDA registered as a class one medical device. The teeter is indicated for back pain, muscle tension sciatica, herniated discs, and more. The x3 assembly is frustration-free.

All major components come pre-assembled plus you’ll have all the help you need with the included getting started DVD. Free 3d instructional build app and US-based customer support. Rated up to 300 pounds.

The x3 easily adjusts for users between 4 foot 8 and 6 foot and is built for the benefits with features designed to enhance your comfort and security. Using the teeter is easy just set it, lock it, recline, and relax.

Teeter precision balancing gives you complete control over your rotation. Preset your inversion angle with the adjustable easy angle. Embroidered color-coded angle markers at 20-40-60 degrees, make it easy to slide the buckle to your desired setting. The deluxe easy reach ankle system features an extended micro adjusting handle that reduces the need to bend when securing the ankles.

The ankle comfort dial and ergo embrace supports reflect years of design innovation to achieve our most comfortable fit. The large stretch max handles with an extra-long grip offer assistance while inverting.

Easy stretch traction handles allow you to find different stretches and add more decompression options. The unique and patented flex tech bed features an ergonomic shape and eight-point suspension system.

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10. GOPLUS Heavy Duty Inversion Table

This inversion table from GOPLUS should deliver its intended purpose and come with extra benefits. The construction of the body inverter is durable and stable. It comes with a heat and massage pad.

The massager can be separated and used in other areas such as a sofa, chair, bed, etc. This inversion table features a comfortable and adjustable ankle support system. It has 4 oversized and adjustable high-density foam rollers for better support.

The pivot arms on the 2 sides on the table give you control throughout movements. This inversion table can carry weight up to 300 pounds. This table can be folded for easy storage and transport.

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11. Health Gear ITM4500 Adjustable Heat & Massage Inversion Table-


According to statistics, over 75% of the adult population suffers from some type of back pain. Healthcare is proud to announce ITM 4500, the latest in advanced inversion technology that helps relieve many forms of back pain.  Featuring a fully adjustable heat and massage back pad along with a removable head pillow for added comfort and support. The ITM 4500 is one of the comprehensive inversion tables on the market today.

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12. Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion Table-

The Body Vision IT9550 Deluxe Inversion Table is a good option to specifically treat neck pain and generally see many of the advantages of a quality inversion table. It features an adjustable lumbar support pad to allow for added comfort and pain relief. The table has 4 different inversion settings 20-40-60-90 degrees. The stable machine won’t move unless you want it to and the frame safety locking pin system is easy to use but won’t slip.

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13. Yoleo Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table


The triangular design of this inversion table from Yolo is safer, stronger, and is more stable. The heavy-duty frame is composed of steel that offers optimum support and durability for the users of a maximum of up to 300 pounds of weight.

Appropriate inversion not only decompresses all the mass-bearing joints but also elongates the muscles. The shoulder foam rollers offer enhanced comfort and cushioning to the body by removing the pressure on the shoulder. The foldable and convenient design of the machine occupies only 0.1 square meter area.

You can also fold it for easy storage when the user is not using it. The tube comes with an easy height adjustment of 4.26 to 6 feet for accommodating every user type. The precision holding design and security lock pin make this device safer to use when you are inverting. The rear and front foam rollers offer enhanced comfort and cushioning to the ankles of the user by removing heavy pressure on it. 

The high-quality ergonomic foam design fits the curve of the waist and releases pressure. It also includes a lumbar pillow for improved support to the lower back that you can also remove.

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According to our research about the inversion tables, The Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table is the best because it has more comfort and a variety of features that one should have. Now, it’s up to you to choose according to your preferences.


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