People who have houses but don’t really have a really large yard to go around it, you don’t want to buy a lawn mower that is massive that takes a half an hour to drag out of the garage and use for 10 minutes. It seems like a really big waste of time and space.

So we will be looking at the best lawn mowers for your small yard and break them down by their features, what benefits they have, so you can see which one of them might be best for you based on your particular situation and the type of yard you have. And also included the links to each of these down below so you can check for updated pricing and availability for any of them that you might be interested in.

1. Greenworks g Max 40 volts 16 Inch cordless Lawn Mower

This 40-volt mower can mow up to 4000 square feet in 45 minutes on one charge and as a bonus it has a push button start and weighs just under 40 pounds. The Greenworks g max also has a 16 inch cutting width and five adjustable heights and it’s got six-inch front wheel seven-inch rear wheels and handles most yards without any issue and it can also mulch and bagged grass clippings with a bag that they include and it comes with a battery and a charger. So, if you are looking for the best overall lawn mower for your small yard, then the Greenworks g max 40 volts 16-inch cordless lawn mower is probably going to be a good choice for you.


·         Greenworks 40V 16” Cordless Pull Mower, 4Ah Battery, and charger

·         Lawn Mower dimensions – 28.5” L x 17” W x 21.3” H

·         Battery Capacity – 4Ah

·         Wheels size – 6” and 7”

·         Cutting max. height – 1 1/4”

·         Cutting min. height 3 3/8″

·         2-in-1 feature offers rear bagging and mulching capability for multiple use

·         The unit is made of high quality durable plastic, which allows it to be light in weight and easy to maneuver

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2.  Sun Joe mj401e pro 14 inch 13-amp Electric Lawn Mower-

This lawn mower is ideal for those with a small flat yard but very little room to store a mower. The Sun Joe cutting path is only about 14 inches wide which means it can maneuver in really tight places both in your yard and when it comes to storing it in your garage and it has a 13-amp motor and only weighs just under 30 pounds. The Sun Joe has 3 height adjustments allowing you to choose the best grass length for the season. And if you don’t want to leave the clippings on the lawn then they give you a bag that you can use to collect all of them. So, if you are looking for the best bang for your luck then Sun Joe mj401e pro 14 inch 13-amp electric lawn mower is probably going to be an ideal choice for you.


·         13-amp motor cuts a 14-inch wide path

·         Tailor cutting Height with 3-position Height control

·         Durable 14-Inch steel blade cuts with precision

·         Includes 10. 6-Gal bag and discharge Chute

·         Comes with rear discharge Chute (MJ401E-DCA)

·         Corded-Electric

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3.  Craftsman M105 140cc 21-inch Gas Powered

If you are looking for something that’s compact with a lot of power then the Craftsman M105 140cc 21-inch Gas Powered might be the right choice for you. This particular item is compact with plenty of power and it features a 140 cc Briggs and Stratton Gasoline engine with an auto choke and recoil for easy starts. It has a relatively large 21 inch cutting width and the oversized rear wheels are really good for more challenging terrain and you can adjust it to cut grass from links of just over an inch to just under four inches. The M105 also provides options for collecting your grass clippings, you can bag them with what they include with the model or mulch them to enrich your soil and they include a side chute that discharges the longer clippings for raking, bagging, blowing whatever you may be doing. So, if you are just looking for the best gas powered overall, Craftsman M105 140cc 21-inch lawn power is likely going to be a wise choice for you.


·         140CC OHV Gas Powered Engine- Engine comes equipped with recoil and auto choke.

·         Unit has side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching capabilities.

·         Efficient cutting deck helps trim grass in one quick pass for an easier yard job.

·         Choose from 6 different height settings to suit user’s needs.

·         Zag Treaded tires measure 7 inches in the front and 8 inches in the back.

·         Bagger included with purchase to catch grass clippings you’re your convenience.

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4.  Greenworks 18-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric-

Greenworks 18-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric lawn mower is the best electric lawn mower. So, if you are not using gas then this is a really good choice to just plug into whatever your outlet might be. Because the Greenworks 18-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric lawn mower is for people who are just looking for something reliable and powerful. It cuts paths up to 18 inches wide and features oversize 7 inch wheels, so you can maneuver over roots and rocks without any trouble tied to just the 7 different settings. It weighs just under 50 pounds and folds into a compact package for storage. The Greenworks 18-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric lawn mower also mulches your grass or you can capture it in the side discharge chute and although the cord is short, you can purchase an extension from greenworks that will give you indeterminate length. So, if you are looking for the best electric lawn mower for your small yard, then the Greenworks 18-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric lawn mower is probably going to be a wise choice for you.


·         It has a Powerful 12 Amp Electric Motor delivers enough power to cut through the toughest grass

·         It includes durable steel 18-Inch cutting deck gets the job done quicker and more efficiently

·         Comes with 2-in-1 feature, with side discharge and mulching capable

·         It has 7 position height adjustment offers a range of cutting height from 1-3/4-Inch to 3 3/4-Inch for the perfect cut on all grass types

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5.  Great States 815-18 18-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel-

Great States 815-18 18-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel is the best real push mower that we found for your small yard. So, if you are ditching the gas and electric and want to keep it as old school as it gets, then this might be a really good choice for you. It’s a quiet manual motor that has an 18 inch cutting path as well as five blade design. The 10-inch wheels allow for some challenging terrain as well but not as much when you have four wheels. And while the design is basic, the great state lawn mower has some really nice features. It’s padded handle keeps comfortable, and it adjusts to several different heights and while it doesn’t much, its bagger attachment will at least collect the clippings for you. So if you are just looking for the best mower, Great States 815-18 18-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel mower is likely going to be a good choice for you.


·         It has an 18-Inch cutting width

·         It has 10-Inch ball bearing wheels

·         The height adjusts from 1/2-Inch to 2-3/4-Inch

·         Comes with powder coated finished handle lasts longer and prevents rust

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6.  Makita XML03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT 18” Lawn Mower-

Makita XML03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT 18” Lawn Mower is the best cordless lawn mower that we have found for your small yard because the it bridges the gap between cordless electric convenience and also gas powered dependability because this particular cordless electric lawn mower uses 218 volt batteries to create 36 volts of power. That’s easy math. It’s got a brushless motor that runs between 2500-3300 RPMs and covers up to 7300 square feet of lawn on one charge which is pretty impressive. It comes with 2 sets of batteries and a charger as well and this Makita allows for both mulching and bagging because they include a 16-gallon bag and it also has 10 adjustable height settings and to store it. It’s really easy simply to fold the handle and roll it under a workbench or some other low surface. So, for the best cordless overall the Makita XML03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT 18” Lawn Mower is likely going to be a good choice for you.


·         It has heavy duty Steel deck

·         Brushless motor delivers 2, 500 – 3, 300 RPM for faster cutting

·         The quiet mode reduces noise by providing constant speed control at 2, 500 RPM

·         It has single lever cutting Height adjustment for quick adjustment of 10 cutting heights (13/16″- 2-15/16″)

·         The Folding handles for compact storage and easy transportation

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7.  Black and Decker Electric Lawn Mower 10-15 Inch-

Black and Decker Electric Lawn Mower is the best lightweight mower for small yards and for a lightweight mower with plenty of features and capability. The Black and Decker Electric Lawn Mower is definitely one that you consider the corded electric mower with a 15 inch cutting width and a 10-amp electric mower comes in weighing just under 40 pounds and it features a push button start and upright ergonomically designed grips with built in triggers. So, for people with back problems or other issues you are not going to exacerbate that by using this machine. And aside from that weight and its comfortable grips this particular Black and Decker mower has some other nice features too. It’s got 6 height adjustments that allows you to set it to whatever the ideal length might be for you. And although it lacks a mulching function, it does come with a bag. So, keep that in mind that this is a corded mower so it may require an additional extension cord too. So, if you are looking for the best lightweight mower out there, then the Black and Decker Electric Lawn Mower might be a wise choice for you as well.


·         It is a Lightweight corded electric mower gasless 10 Amp 15-inch electric mower for powering through rough grass

·         It has Comfort grip bike handlebar design reduces friction and enhances maneuverability for small lawns

·         It has enhanced clipping collection winged blade yields 30% better clipping collection

·         The adjustable cutting height 6 adjustable cutting heights ranging from 1 inch to 3 inch

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8.  Yard Machines 140cc 21-Inch Push Mower-

Yard Machines 140cc 21-Inch Push Mower is our best choice for gas lawn mower for small yards and perhaps one of the most visually straightforward of gas lawn mowers of the market. This is a high wheeled push mower which is exclusively designed to tackle head-on those smaller and more medium-sized yards with ease. The 711 inch easy turn wheels are a beneficial feature in encouraging an easier job helping maneuverability throughout by installing a 140 CC OHV gas engine. Yard Machines have produced a powerful machine in a relatively small designed structure. But one which knowingly does the job perfectly every time with a 21 inch cutting feature a standard. Alongside a dual lever height adjustment, this model also comes complete with a mulching capacity in 2 side discharge. The handle is also designed to ensure ease of you throughout taking advantage of a sturdy loop handle for maximum comfort. The idea of this lawn mower is to offer a powerful but more adequately designed product which doesn’t require too much storage room and doesn’t need you to spend too much prepping time to start. Customers of the yard machine 140 CC, find this Yard Machine 140 CC a smaller but more powerful gas lawn mower which completes the job half the time and starts up ready for action within seconds every time. The results from the 140 CC machine are excellent with each mouth with no cord to deal with. Many satisfied customers have purchased this model after finishing with an electric lawnmower.


·        Durable 140cc OHV engine

·        Equipped with a 21” steel deck

·        Dual-lever height adjustment

·        Side discharge and mulching capability

·        7×11-inch wheel size for easy turns

·        Type- Gas powered

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9.  Worx WG779 Cordless-

The Worx WG779 Cordless is our choice for a lawn mower with the best use of technology. This battery powered mower is also cordless which means no worries about constantly mowing over the cable as you work. The best thing about the model is its intellect. This Is the added technology that works has been incorporated into this model to offer extra torque demand. In turn this is the most powerful of lawn mowers as it provides users with double the power of standard mowers through its 40 volts’ battery. With a 2-in-1 facility standard you can mulch your bag ensuring a healthy lawn no matter what season it is designed to cast near perfection every time. There is a single lever adjustment which allows quicker and easier cutter suits your individual preferences regarding charging. The battery level indicators are present on both the batteries and on the mower also, ensuring that you’re never caught short when you start knowing. This is a more lightweight mower which makes it compact in overall design and comfortable to fold away that makes it the perfect choice for smaller yards and for those areas where it may be slightly awkward to maneuver a standard lawn mower.


·        Two [2] 20V 4.0Ah batteries

·        40V power

·        Patented intellects technology

·        Comfortable grip

·        Single-lever adjustment

·        2-in-1 feature

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10.  Snapper 12AVBA2707 21” Self Propelled Gas Powered

The Snapper 12AVBA2707 21” Self Propelled Gas Powered drive mower is ideally suited to those smaller sized yards up to the 1 acre more current can be used on flat hilly or uneven terrains. The self-propelling driving system works to encourage quick maneuvering and makes it ideal for quickly navigating the landscape. The engine is a high-performing premium 163 CC featuring ready to start. This means there is no prime and no choke system. You simply pull to get the machine started. It also means you’ll never have to bother with messy oil changes. Thanks to its gtex features with a 3-in-1 cutting deck. You can select your finishing cuts as well as position that you will leave a height adjustment to work on a total of six different settings with a variable speed front wheel that allows you to mow at your desired pace. This model isn’t having a bag or side discharge for practicality, ergonomically designed. The handle offers great comfort throughout. This product comes with a garden hose mulch plug which actively encourages you to place those nutrients back into soil each time. Overall we recommended it.


·        Ready to Start, no prime, no choke system

·        3-in-1 cutting deck

·        6 cutting positions

·        Adjustable, ergonomic handle

·        Simplistic Set-Up

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11. EGO Power LM2100 Cordless Lawn Mower-

EGO Power LM2100 Cordless Lawn Mower offers the torque of gas without the noise mess and fumes. The EGO Power LM2100 Cordless Lawn Mower delivers long-lasting power, rapid charging and durability in all weather conditions. With up to 45 minutes of cut time when used with the recommended EGO Power LM2100 Cordless Lawn Mower. Zero arc lithium battery, this mower tackles even the toughest of mowing applications for all grass types. The easily adjustable deck height enables you to cut at any length. Thanks to a sleek and lightweight construction moving and storing the lawn mower is hassle-free. Compatible with all of Ego’s lithium batteries featuring industry-leading technology to deliver superior power. 


·        3-in-1 function – mulching, bagging, side discharge, Product arrives assembled, does not include battery or charger |

·        Deck – 21”, 6-position cutting height adjustments – 1.5″- 4″, Rear Wheel Size – 9-inches, up to 45 minutes of run time on single charge with the recommended 56V 5.0 Ah ARC Lithium battery

·        Bright LED headlights, Weather resistant construction. Front Wheel Size: 7 inch

·        1-handed height adjustment, Quick and easy push-button start

·        Folds for compact storage, Compatible with all EGO 56V ARC Lithium batteries

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12.  American Lawn Mower 1304-14-

The American Lawn Mower 14″ 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower is a mechanical lawn mower that will cut your grass up to 4 inches tall. It is easy to assemble, and easy to use. The blades can be adjusted to help cut grass to the users desired length. It has a durable, yet comfortable cushioned handle that gives the user the perfect balance between grip and comfort. This gasless lawn mower is a practical and planet-conscious choice because it has zero carbon emissions. The mower will allow you to forget about the cord, fumes, oil, fuel, and noise of gas engine lawn mowers. If you want a maneuverable lawn mower that is lightweight and low maintenance, then the American Lawn Mower 14″ 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower is a great choice.


·         14-Inch cutting width

·         10-Inch composite wheels

·         Height adjustable from 1-Inch to 1-3/4-Inch

·         Corrosion resistant, zinc-plated handle with plastic grips

·         Heat treated blades stay sharp longer, making a quality cut

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       13. PowerSmart Lawn Mower, 21-inch & 170CC

PowerSmart Lawn Mower, 21-inch & 170CC lawn mower contains a powerful 4-stroke, single cylinder gas engine that provides you powerful back up for clearing the tallest and toughest grass. Forced air-cooling system is equipped and ensures the continuous power of the engine to get your job finished. Its 21-inch steel mowing deck creates a large cutting area with high durability, which can help you cut bigger jobs easily. The push mower has 5-position height adjustment which allows you to change the cutting height to cut grass and overgrowth easily, cutting height in this push lawn mower can be adjusted between the range of 1.18 to 3.05 inch. 2-in-1 side discharge and mulching capability allows you to spread grass clippings to the side, returning key nutrients to your lawn so your grass can grow healthy and thick. The 8-inch rear wheels in this gas push mower make it easy to push. This labor-saving design can enhance your work efficiency.


·         170CC OHV Gas engine & 21-Inch Steel Mowing Deck

·         Adjustable Cutting Depth

·         Flexible and agile

·         Quick folding and vertical storage


      When you are buying a lawn mower for your small yard, you should not worry about the size, battery run time etc. Instead you should see something that is solid, simple, affordable to you. We hope you found this article useful. 


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