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Fans of PUBG Mobile will be able to play the game in its new reincarnation, Battlegrounds Mobile India, in the near future. Pre-registration for the battle royale game is now open on the Google Play Store. Krafton has also been releasing teasers to give fans a taste of what to anticipate from the game. The most recent teaser depicts the popular PUBG Mobile vehicle, the UAZ.

A teaser video was posted on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official Facebook page. “Keep your seatbelts fastened!” says the caption. You only need the vehicle advantage to rule the Battlegrounds! We have a soft spot in our hearts for UAZ, and we can’t wait to drive about in the Battlegrounds!” The teaser video displays a preview of the UAZ jeep, which will be accessible in the game when it launches.

The UAZ is an off-road vehicle that can accommodate the full squad. It is only available on the Erangel map in PUBG Mobile. The vehicle may be exclusive to Erangel in Battlegrounds Mobile India as well (Erangle). Krafton has promised further PUBG Mobile features like as the level 3 backpack, energy drink, and Sanhok map. It’s reasonable to say that the Battlegrounds Mobile India experience will be similar to PUBG Mobile, but with certain improvements and differences. It will have Indian-specific customizations, and the game will be released only in India.

Moreover, Krafton revealed earlier this week that pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India had surpassed 2 million. Krafton reported 7.6 million pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India on the first day. Krafton has yet to confirm the launch date for Battlegrounds Mobile India, although it is likely on June 18. For the time being, Android players may pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India on the Google Play Store and win the Recon Mask, Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert Title, and 300 AG.


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