The United States Defense Department has cancelled the $10 billion JEDI cloud computing project that the company itself awarded to Microsoft in the year 2019. It claims that the program’s design “no longer meets its needs.”

The department plans to replace JEDI with another cloud infrastructure contract and will seek bids from both Microsoft and Amazon. Following this it was sued after losing the original contract.

The JEDI Cloud contract “no longer meets its needs due to evolving requirements, increased cloud conversancy, and industry advances,” according to a Defense Department press release obtained by The Verge. “JEDI was developed at a time when the department’s needs were different and both CSPs technology and our cloud conversancy were less mature,” acting Defense Department chief information officer John Sherman said in a statement.

Alongside this decision, an announcedment was made about the Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability contract, responsible for providing many of the services provided by JEDI.


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