Image Courtesy: Mac Rumors

Twitter said Tuesday that you will soon be able to modify who may react to a tweet after you have sent it. Thanks to a feature that was extensively pushed out in August, you could already limit who answered to your tweets, but you had to select that choice while composing the tweet — with this update, you may modify who can reply at a later time, which might be a beneficial method to prevent harassment. The functionality will be available on iOS, Android, and the web worldwide. 

To modify who can respond to a tweet, click or touch the three-dot menu and seek for the option in the menu that displays. You may limit who can respond to everyone, only individuals you follow, or only those you specify in your tweet. 

The feature is the most recent example of Twitter’s efforts to give users more control over who may engage with their posts. On July 1st, Twitter demonstrated several concepts it is exploring that would give users more control, such as the option to tweet to “Trusted Friends” and the ability to tweet from different “facets” of your online identity, such as your professional self and your joke-y self.


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