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Twitter stated in March that you will soon be able to utilise a security key as your only two-factor authentication option, and the functionality went live on both mobile and web on Wednesday. It’s not new to be able to utilise a security key as one of your two-factor authentication methods, but you can now make it the only one if you wish. Because they do not rely on a code that a bad actor may intercept, physical security keys offer an advantage over other two-factor approaches such as an authenticator app or SMS.

Twitter has implemented a number of measures in recent years to improve login security. In 2017, the firm went beyond SMS by introducing support for authentication applications such as Google Authenticator and Authy. Twitter now allows users to setup two-factor authentication without providing your phone number, which is a welcome improvement considering that SMS might be subject to SIM-swapping attacks (like the one that led to CEO Jack Dorsey losing control of his account for about an hour and a half).

Moreover, Users on Twitter may apply for early access to “Super Follows,” which will allow them to provide exclusive content to paying members, as well as “Ticketed Spaces,” which will allow them to charge for entry into audio chat rooms hosted on the network.


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