Image Courtesy: CNET

Google is allowing Android users to keep a digital vaccination card, known as a COVID Card, on their phone by opening up Android’s built-in passes system. The functionality will first be available in the United States, where it will be supported by healthcare professionals, local governments, and other entities authorised to dispense COVID vaccinations. The functionality will also allow for the storage of COVID test results.

According to a Google support page, your COVID Card will display when you were vaccinated and the vaccine you received. The card may be downloaded through your healthcare provider’s app or website, as well as via text messages or emails provided to you.

Google advises adding a shortcut to the card to your home screen and will you the option when you store the card to your device. Google claims that the card will not be saved to the cloud and that the information you supply will not be used for advertising reasons, although it does state that it will gather some information, such as how many times you use your card and on which days. And you won’t need to download the Google Pay app to keep and access cards.

It’s encouraging to see Google make it simpler for individuals to record their vaccination status digitally on their phones, however whether you can use the function depends on your healthcare provider or government. Some states, such as New York and California, have their own digital vaccination cards, but Google’s version may make the procedure easier for other authorities.


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