Image Courtesy: TimesofIndia

Bosch Home Appliances comes up with a new line of smart home appliances built around human needs and technology use, powered by Home Connect.

These work seamlessly to bring convenience at home and to some extent was made possible by Home Connect to achieve the target utility.

Home Connect is a smartphone or tablet app that allows users to control and monitor their home appliances remotely. It allows the user to control home appliances while at home or away from home.

The app also allows the user to gain access to inside their fridge via smart camera technology, allowing them to check if they need milk while in the grocery store even if they don’t have their shopping list with them, or if they are on their way home to pre-heat the oven, ready to begin cooking. Refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, ovens, hob and hood are all part of this range.

The customers can avail a first hand knowledge of these new range of appliances by visiting Bosch Brand Store in Dubai, UAE which has a Home Connect Experience Zone where customers can try out the appliances in real time.


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