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A Google software engineer and cartoonist who left after more than 14 years had created an intriguing application that displayed what the temperature will be like throughout the world throughout the year. The programme, nicknamed The Well-Tempered Traveler, was created as an internal experiment and has sparked heated debate on Hacker News, shortly after Manu Cornet allegedly left the tech giant owing to disputes about some of Google’s policies. His tool, however, remains on Google’s domain as a memorial to his contribution to the firm.

Cornet released the tool in October 2017 and solicited input from Twitter users in order to enhance the original version and provide functionality that people requested. Many people found the tool, which may be quite useful for travellers planning trips all over the world, to be intriguing.

When you visit The Well-Tempered Traveler’s website, it displays a colourful chart that shows the temperature in two halves (fortnightly) for each month as well as the likelihood of precipitation for the whole year. Take, for example, New Delhi. The graphic depicts the expected weather trend for the year, beginning with cold winter days in January and gradually increasing to a temperature spike in April. Following the peak summer months of May and June, it forecasts monsoon rains from the end of June to the end of September. Then there’s a drop in temperature. This might be a good method to plan a trip for a visitor who is unfamiliar with the weather in India.

Cornet was now regarded as Google’s “moral bellwether” when working with Twitter. He released hundreds of Goomics cartoons, which originally mocked the tech giant’s culture and employees’ attitude of entitlement before becoming a critique of senior management. Cornet recently told The Information of his intention to leave Google, “At some point, I have to draw the line in the sand someplace.”


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