Google launches beta tester program for Android Auto’s


Image Courtesy: The Verge

Google is launching a new beta tester program for Android Auto, allowing customers the opportunity to gain early access to features provided they are willing to accept the possible instability of incomplete software. Android Auto had a testing program, however signing up for it resulted in a notice stating that the programme had achieved its “limit number of testers.”

“As a beta tester, you may assist us in developing a better version of Android Auto. Google states, “You can test how well new features function with your unique phone and car in your area of the world.” “We will utilise your comments to assist plan enhancements for future releases,” says the company.

The introduction of the new beta programme comes at a time when Android Auto has recently undergone one of its most significant expansions in years, with the debut of dozens of additional nations towards the end of 2020. Its wireless connectivity function recently received a significant boost with the announcement that any Android 11 phone will be able to connect wirelessly to compatible automobiles. Given these improvements, it’s hardly surprising that Google requires additional beta testers.

To sign up, Google recommends going to the opt-in website, where there’ll be the option to “Become a tester.” The beta version of Android Auto may be downloaded from the Play Store once signed up. If the bugginess becomes too much, Google claims the opt-out option is just here. To exit the beta, just delete the beta app and re-download the stable version from the Play Store.


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