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During the WWDC virtual keynote, Apple revealed the first details regarding iOS 15, the next major version of iOS due later this year. This year’s release has four pillars: remaining connected, focusing without interruption, employing intellect, and exploring the environment.

FaceTime and news features

FaceTime will now have spatial audio, according to an update from Apple. The voices are now dispersed based on the position of your buddies on the screen. For example, if someone appears on the left, it will seem on the left in your ears. In other FaceTime news, iOS now detects and attempts to decrease background noise so that you can hear your friends and family members more clearly. This is an optional function, so you can turn it off if you’re watching a concert while on a FaceTime conversation, for example.

“Portrait mode” is another FaceTime function. This phrase refers to Apple’s ability to automatically blur the backdrop in images taken in “Portrait mode.” If you wish to utilise FaceTime for business meetings, you can now create a FaceTime link and add it to a calendar invite. FaceTime will also operate on a web browser, allowing users who do not own an Apple device to join a FaceTime call. All of these enhancements make FaceTime more competitive with rival video call providers as Apple Zoom and Google Meet.

WWDC 2021 - Facetime Link

Apple is also launching SharePlay, which allows you to listen to a music album as a group. When you press the play button in Apple Music, the music will begin playing for everyone on the call. Because the queue is shared by everyone, anybody may add music, skip to the next track, and so on. It also allows you to view movies and TV episodes together. Someone on the call begins a video, which begins on your friend’s phone or tablet. It also supports AirPlay, picture-in-picture, and everything else you’d expect from an iOS video.

Notifications and other smart features

Apple will employ on-device intelligence to build notification summaries. It is organized by priority rather than by apps or date. Notifications from friends, for example, will be prioritized. When you quiet alerts, your iMessage contacts will see that you have turned on “Do not disturb.” It functions similarly to Slack’s “Do not disturb” feature. However, there are fresh options. This is referred to as Focus mode by Apple. You may select which applications and persons you wish to get alerts from, as well as shift your focus depending on what you’re doing.

Further, Apple will scan your photographs for text. This tool, known as Live Text, allows you to highlight, copy, and paste text in photographs. It might also be a useful accessibility feature. And iOS will use that information for Spotlight. Spotlight allows you to look for text in your photographs immediately. These functionalities are handled directly on the device.

News about wallet, weather and maps

Following a summary of all of Apple Wallet’s capabilities, the firm stated that you would be able to scan your ID and keep it in Wallet. It will only be available in participating states, so the deployment will be gradual. When a government service requests information from your ID, you may opt to share it with them immediately from your iPhone. The Weather app has been upgraded to include many of the features that were previously accessible in Dark Sky, a popular weather software bought by Apple. There will be a fresh design and additional info.

WWDC 2021 - weather app

Furthermore, With regards to Apple Maps, the new mapping data has been released in a number of nations, and Apple is continuing releasing it in Europe. In certain cities, such as San Francisco, Apple has added a slew of additional details. There are bus and taxi lanes, crosswalks, bike lanes, and other amenities. Complex 3D interchanges can be seen on highways. All of this will also be available on Car Play later this year.


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