Image Courtesy: Business Wire

Realme has announced the launch of its first brand in the tech lifestyle ecosystem. It’s known as Dizo. Pronounced “dee-zoe”. Realme’s new brand, which was spun out from Oppo three years ago, will serve as the moniker for any AIoT goods that the business will introduce in the future. 

Realme offers an expanding portfolio of interconnected smart gadgets, as well as lifestyle items like a tote bag and a backpack. It makes sense for Realme to offer these items a unique identity in order to keep a primary emphasis on phones, but it may be too much for customers.

Dizo’s goal is to provide technology that compliments a consumer’s personality, empowers them, and becomes an extension of their distinctive identities while coexisting in the current portfolio of the Realme. Consider it a sub-brand in the company’s portfolio for most non-mobile devices. Realme informed me earlier this year that it plans to release more smart products, such as an electric juicer, and Dizo might be what gives them a new identity. 

In terms of products, a complete ecosystem of items can be experienced. Realme has lofty goals of infiltrating houses and placing one device in each room and nook. That would need a thorough expansion plan, and Dizo appears to be the first important move in that direction. Dizo, according to Realme, will introduce items in four primary categories mainly Smart Entertainment, Smart Home, Smart Care, Accessories. Further, Dizo products will be coming soon to countries in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, etc. 

Moreover, Realme will provide “unwavering” assistance to Dizo in three areas: industrial design, supply chain, and AIoT experience. The latter explicitly refers to the software assistance that Dizo devices will receive as a result of the Realme Link app. 


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