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Start-up in the field of health technology Healpha, a subscription-based provider of linked healthcare solutions, has made its technological infrastructure available to NGOs and COVID-care centres for free in order to allow home treatment for asymptomatic, mild, and moderate COVID-19 patients. 

According to the firm’s CEO, the goal is to reduce the strain on the already overburdened healthcare system while also increasing the capabilities of healthcare workers, including physicians, through video and tele-consultations.

Moreover, Healpha created a protocol-based remote homecare solution to address the COVID-19 dilemma that has treated 1,400 asymptomatic and mild-to-moderate patients with 95 percent success, according to the company reports. Fewer than 5% required hospitalisation, demonstrating that the approach has helped to decongest hospitals and reduce the burden on physicians and nurses.

Moreover, today healthcare facilities are insufficient to manage the rising number of individuals infected with COVID-19, thus this platform is provided free of charge to COVID centres, social, voluntary organisations, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to enable them to treat COVID patients in a scientific and structured manner. 

In these tough times, when Patients are unable to see doctors, thus making remote care of COVID-19 patients with asymptomatic, mild, or moderate symptoms available becomes critical. Patients can use a homecare service to connect with doctors for remote consultation and treatment. To use the software, the patient simply requires a thermometer, an oximeter, and a smartphone.

The solution and App’s primary features include a 24-hour hotline, daily tele-consultation by doctors, daily tele-monitoring by nurses, nutritionists, and physiotherapy consultation. However, the patient must face the expense of medications and diagnostics.


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