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Telegram’s newest version includes a slew of new features, including Group Video Calls, Screen Sharing, Noise Suppression in Voice Chats, Animated backdrops, a separate Bot Menu, and many more. The Group Video Call feature is Telegram’s third significant voice chat enhancement in six months, and it may be used for online lectures, business meetings, and family gatherings. It has also introduced new animated emojis and the ability to import customised third-party stickers.

Moreover, Users may effortlessly transform their voice chats into Group video calls by selecting the ‘Share my video’ option in any ongoing session. For the time being, the Group Video Chat option is only available to the first 30 persons that join the voice chat (while the number of audio-only participants is unlimited). Telegram will eventually raise this restriction as voice conversations expand to include streaming games, live events, and other features.

Check the menu on the profile of any group where you are an admin to start a voice chat (on iOS, there is a ‘Voice Chat’ button directly in the group profile). 

The screen sharing function provides a new degree of benefit to users, particularly those who utilise the site for business-related communication. Users just need to hit the menu button, then select the screen sharing option, which is followed by an app authorization. Telegram has included a noise reduction option to improve the clarity of the speech. During a live audio conversation, this functionality can be enabled.

Further, Tablets and laptops have larger screens and a wider range of display possibilities. Users only need to tap to launch the side panel, which displays a split-screen view of the video grid and participant list, suited for both portrait and landscape mode. Voice conversations on the desktop open in a separate window, allowing users to text and converse without having to minimize anything. Selective screen-sharing is also available in desktop programs, allowing you to broadcast a selected program rather than the full screen of a certain user. When using the desktop app, any screen shared by a specific user is immediately pinned.


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