TikTok’s parent app adds restrictions to kids under 14 year olds in China


Image courtesy: The Hans Time

The Chinese version of the famous TikTok short video app, known as Douyin, will limit users in China who are under fourteen-year-olds to 40 minutes a day. Youth mode of the app is consistent with recent limitations on the Chinese Government’s access to younger children’s video games. Teens under the age of 14 may access the App from 6am to 10pm, but can’t use the app beyond that time, stated the firm. The regulations apply to “authenticated real-name users” under 14, and parents are urged to help their children finish the authentication procedure or turn on youth mode when initiated by the application.

The Government in China has concentrated on decreasing Chinese young people’s spending online, which it regards as detrimental. Last week, the National Press and Publication Authority introduced new regulations that limit Chinese nationals under the age of 18 to plays online games between 8pm and 9pm only on Fridays, weekends and holidays. Official firms and platforms such as Douyin have requested that all users use their real-name identification; the procedure needs users to submit a telephone number and another identification so that online games may be accessed.

ByteDance claimed that content offered to young users now includes teaching material such as “interesting popular scientific experiments, museum and gallery exhibitions, gorgeous countryside, historic information explanations etc..”


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