Samsung and Tesla on their way the make the next gen self driving processors


Image courtesy: Electrek

Samsung is in negotiations with Tesla to build a South Korean journal said on Thursday Tesla’s next-generation self-driving processors based on Samsung’s 7-nanometer chip manufacturing. Tesla and Samsung discussed chip design on several occasions since the beginning of this year, and swapped chip prototypes on Tesla’s next Hardware- 4 self-driving computer, the Korea Economic Daily said.

Tesla to make its own custom SoC (System on Chip) for self-driving cars  built by Samsung, report says - Electrek

Samsung refused to comment on the matter. No quick answer was given to Tesla. The article says that if Samsung obtains the business, the chip would be manufactured during its seven nanometer production process. At the AI Day event of the firm, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla will introduce new hardware for its Cybertruck electric pick-up truck self-driving computer for roughly one year.

In the manufacturing business for chip contracts, Samsung is second behind TSMC, which, according to analyst TrendForce, had 52.9 percent of market share compared to Samsung’s 17.3 percent at the end of June.


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