Image Courtesy: BeeBom

Water Resistance Tester, which was discovered by Android Police and is accessible on the Google Play store, fits squarely into the category of “neat stuff we didn’t realise you could do with an app.” It validates the IP67/IP68 rating of your Android phone by accessing the device’s barometer. Simply download the free app and follow the directions to push down hard on the screen to receive a quick pass/fail grade. It’s simple, nerdy, and practical, which is a winning combo.

Ray Wang, the app’s developer, says he made it to let consumers assess the status of their devices’ waterproof sealing after a repair or as it deteriorates over time. Obviously, a passing grade does not entitle you to throw your phone into a lake. However, based on feedback from Reddit users and Play store reviews, as well as our own short testing, it looks to operate dependably. The IP68-rated Galaxy Note 20 Ultra first passed the test, but when we removed the SIM card tray, it failed – as expected. A TCL 20 Pro 5G with no IP certification failed the test.

This app is not the first of its sort, but according to user evaluations, some of the current waterproof test applications on the Play store appear to have been developed for older phones with a different form of waterproofing than utilised in phones today, and may not operate correctly anymore. 

In any event, this new software appears to operate well, and it’s free unless you choose to pay the developer $1 to get rid of a little ad at the bottom of the screen. It’s not a horrible price to pay for a little geeky pleasure.


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