With the help of the new tech travel from Mumbai to Delhi in only 24 minutes


Image courtesy: Curly Tales

Since 2014, Virgin Group’s Hyperloop has been in development and testing. The new technology aspires to be the future of mass transportation across the world.

Hyperloop systems can propel passenger or freight pods at speeds exceeding 1000 km/h, which is three times faster than high-speed rail and ten times faster than regular rail. This speed can significantly shorten travel times. According to Hyperloop, this revolutionary technology may easily compete with commercial aeroplanes in terms of travel time, all while emitting no direct emissions.

According to the Hyperloop website’s route calculator, the trip from Delhi to Mumbai, which is around 1153 kilometres, can be traversed in an astounding 1 hour and 22 minutes. The pods can move in a convoy like a train, but because they are not physically connected to each other, they can diverge to reach various destinations.

The Hyperloop pods move in near-vaccumm tunnels. Because the pods travel in vacuum, there is less aerodynamic drag. To increase speed, the Virgin Hyperloop pods will also employ magnetic levitation and propulsion technologies. The pod’s electromagnets, which lift and steer the pod to its destination.


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