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According to the newest beta release notes, the Clubhouse app for Android now allows users to link their Instagram and Twitter accounts to their profiles. The developers have also released improvements that make it easier to follow speakers and learn about forthcoming events on a Club page. 

Furthermore, the creators have stated that the software would be made available to the public “sometime this summer,” implying that users would be able to freely join the platform. To join the app right now, you must first receive an invitation.

According to the beta app’s newest Android release notes, Clubhouse users may connect their Instagram and Twitter accounts to their profiles so that others may “get to know you better, follow your other accounts, and DM you (if your IG/ Twitter settings allow it).” To add the account link, testers may go to their profiles and tap Add Twitter or Add Instagram.

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Another upgrade to the Clubhouse Android app will allow users to immediately follow individuals and clubs from their Room. If you’re in a Room and enjoy the conversation or a particular speaker, you may instantly follow them by hitting the Follow button at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, when a Club has many scheduled events, users can now quickly discover them. “Just go to the Club website and you’ll see all of its forthcoming activities and be able to navigate through them if there are multiple,” the instructions explained. You may also use the bell symbol to get alerted when that particular event begins.

Moreover, Clubhouse Android app-related event occurred late last month, when the creators announced that they had passed the 2-million Android user threshold since the distribution began on May 21. On May 24, the app reached one million users.

Furthermore, Clubhouse said on Twitter that the app would be made available to everyone “sometime this summer.” This basically implies that users will not need to wait for an invitation to join the platform. To join the app right now, you must first receive an invitation. 


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