Apple music pushes more extensively into classical music


Image courtesy: 9to5 Mac

Apple Music is expanding its presence in classical music. Apple said today that it has purchased Primephonic, a service that specialises in streaming classical music, and that the app’s features and playlists would be integrated into Apple Music. According to Apple’s news release, the outcome will be “a considerably enhanced classical music experience.” A solo Apple Music classical app will also be available in 2022.

To demonstrate how serious Apple is about appealing to classical music aficionados, the firm claims a “dedicated classical music app” would be released next year, using Primephonic’s “classical user experience that fans have grown to adore.”

Customers with an ongoing membership will receive a prorated refund, according to Primephonic’s FAQ. They’ll also receive a coupon for six months of free Apple Music.

As I mentioned in my early assessment of Apple Music’s spatial audio, classical lends itself exceptionally well to Dolby Atmos mixes, so I’m looking forward to the service growing into a better home for the genre.


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