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Cloud kitchens are aimed at reducing the infrastructure burden on food and beverage brands as they go on to provide a centralised facility for meal preparation to be delivered eventually.

This calls for a need for the service to have enough locations such that they are able to meet the demand whilst making sure a faster delivery process to end customers.

DishServe is an Indonesian network that has discovered the solution towards running cloud kitchen networks even more asset-light.

DishServe was founded by the former chief operating officer of budget hotel startup RedDoorz, eventually went on to collaborate with home kitchens instead of either renting or purchasing its own facilities.

Currently, the service works alongside upto a 100 Jakarta home kitchens, focusing on small- to medium-sized F&B brands as their last-mile delivery network.

DishServe was launched in the fall of last year and since then received an undisclosed amount of pre-seed funding from Insignia Ventures Partners.


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