Imag courtesy: 24htechasia

LG Electronics made the announcement on Sunday about the testing of a robot lawn mower in Korea. It is taking Koreans’ growing desire to own homes with lawns rather than apartments into consideration.

This latest robot lawn mower by LG has already been released in the foreign markets and will be beta tested by upto 50 customers for about two months following which they would provide their valuable feedback.The general size of the lawns and the type of grass commonly found in Korea will be noteworthy considerations.

Even though beta testing is frequent in the software and gaming industries, but incase of home appliance LG becomes the first to set foot into conducting beta testing for a home appliance.

LG Electronics is already supplying robot lawn mowers to Briggs & Stratton based in the United States. The robot is equipped with a sensor for detecting obstacles as well as can be controlled remotely via an app.

This robot will seemingly be introduced within a year, beginning with the launch in the Korean market and the involved test participants will be subject to discounts over 50%.

If you would want to be a part of the beta test, you can on the company’s website but do so within. June 11. It would require a photo of your lawn and a reason about your willingness to buy the robot. 


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