Reports say that Macbook Pro 2021 shall bring back Magsafe


Image courtesy:MacRumors

According to a research note by TF International Securities Analyst, Ming-chi Kuo, and published by MacRumors, 9to5Mac and Apple Insider, Apple is preparing a big MacBook Pro makeover for the third quarter in 2021. Since the launch of the current version in 2016, Kuo considers it MacBook Pro’s first substantial design. The article by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman confirmed many of the same findings.

The new MacBook Pro features squared-off sides such is the iPad Pro and iPhone 12; the laptop has sharp corners, but it sounds as though the upper and the bottom are flatter than it was previously. The new model will be available in 14″ and 16″ sizes, both using Arm CPUs built by Apple and no Intel choices. Kuo claims the laptops are using a heat pipe technology similar to the existing 16″ MacBook Pro that offers greater thermal space and better performance. Bloomberg cites “brighter, better contrast” screens for the latest models.

Most significantly, Kuo predicts that several of the contentious modifications Apple has made with the present generation would be made by Pro new laptops. For instance, the OLED Touch Bar is replaced with conventional function keys completely. Kuo also adds that, while not specified, there would be a larger selection of ports which reduce the need for doughnuts. And there is also a return MagSafe magnetic charging port. The plug resembles the long-lasting pill-shaped form of the interrupted MagSafe port, according to Bloomberg.

In November, Apple’s M1 procesor introduced a new 13-inch MacBook Pro, although that model featured near-identical hardware to the current Intel version. To trust Kuo — and his track record shows he is — might be a significant upgrade for the future models.


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