Google appears to be testing a second foldable Pixel Smartphone


Image courtesy: Hardware Zone

Google appears to be internally testing a second foldable Pixel smartphone, according to 9to5Google’s sources. The device is said to be under development with the codename “Jumbojack,” that’s referenced in a future version of Android 12 which 9to5Google identifies as “Android 12.1.” This is the latest foldable codename we’ve heard about at Google, following reports of another device called “Passport.”

There isn’t much information about Jumbojack’s potential form, but 9to5Google has a few key details. It appears to have two screens, one of which is deactivated when the device is folded. That suggests we’re looking at a similar design to Samsung’s foldables, which combine a small external screen with a larger internal folding display. There’s no word on screen sizes or internal specs, however.

Interestingly, it is thought that the Jumbojack code name might be a reference to Jack in a Jumbo Jack cheeseburger box, implying that this mobile phone is going to fold the “hamburger style” like a Z flip, in contrast to a Z Fold. But like food, it is better eaten with a hefty dose of salt that conjecture.

In contrast to Passport, which Evan Blass has reported to be a dependable leaker before the end of the year this morning, no indication can be made as to whether or when the commercial Jumbojack will be released. There is a potential that it might only be an internal prototype to add foldable features in Android itself, such enhanced multitasking. However, Google’s presence indicates that it’s graver for foldable products than it first looked to build its first real Pixel-6 flagship competition.


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