Image Courtesy: Techilive

Google announced on Thursday the debut of a new privacy tool for search that allows users to quickly remove your past 15 minutes of search history on mobile. The new option was initially unveiled at I/O 2021 alongside numerous other search and Chrome enhancements, and it is now available to everyone.

The option to remove your past 15 minutes of search history is presently accessible only in Google’s iOS app, but it will be available on Android later this year. On desktop, your choices for removing searches are restricted to configuring your history to auto-delete every three, eighteen, or thirty-six months (18 months is the default for new accounts), or manually deleting searches. You can see how the new option appears in the iOS app below:

When you activate the “Web and App Activity” setting, Google states it simply monitors your search history to “personalise” your experience. Including a mechanism to erase your history quickly is wonderful for your peace of mind, but it also means you can reap some of the benefits that individuals who have taken the time to fiddle with their settings do without performing the extra effort. Consider it a “oh no” button for horrible, embarrassing, or just private searches. If you’d prefer keep your searches safe from prying eyes than erase them, Google now provides the option to password lock your search history.


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