Netflix adds Play Something and Fast Laughs to its Android app


Image Courtesy: Variety

Netflix has released an update for its Android app that includes the Play Something and Fast Laughs features. The former, a randomised shuffle play function, was initially observed testing in May before being integrated to the TV app in April. The Fast Laughs function is similar to TikTok in that it displays random short comedic clips in fast succession. This was originally seen on the iOS app in March. In an auto-playing feed, Fast Laughs displays a full-screen vertical video.

The Netflix Play Something update is now available only for Android users. According to the video-streaming platform, this functionality will be tested initially on iOS in the coming months. The new-for-Android Fast Laughs function, on the other hand, has been available on iOS smartphones since March.

After selecting a profile, the user may access Netflix’s Play Something function via a new button added to the home screen. It may be found in the bottom right corner, above the menu bar. The Play Something button is hovering above the home screen’s content. It is essentially a shuffle play option that plays a movie or TV show that Netflix believes the consumer would enjoy.

The shuffle play function, on the other hand, is not random, as Netflix only plays material based on users’ interests and prior viewing behaviour. The Play Something feature would continue material that users had started but did not finish, would be added to their watch list, or would be brand-new content that Netflix’s algorithm would propose to viewers.

Furthermore, Netflix has incorporated a TikTok-like function to its mobile apps called Fast Laughs. This function displays random tiny humorous clips in full-screen vertical format in an auto-playing feed. Fast Laughs has its own dedicated menu in the bottom bar, alongside Home, Coming Soon, and Downloads. The feature was initially debuted in March for the iOS app, and the clips shown here will originate from the huge collection of TV series, movies, and stand-ups in the comedy category.