Apple may finally address the green flare problem on iPhone photos in iOS 15


Apple is attempting to resolve a major issue with iPhone cameras. Many iPhone users have reported seeing green flares in photographs shot in well-lit environments or focusing on bright objects. The upcoming iOS 15 may provide a fix for this.

When clicked via an iPhone, photos shot in direct sunlight, streetlights, surrounding neon signs, or windows emitting light have long suffered from lens flares. The problem has been addressed several times in online Apple forums, but no solution has been found, at least not yet.

The iOS 15 beta 4 update appears to be Apple’s first attempt to solve the issue. According to reports, the next iOS version contains a mechanism for processing such images to remove the green flares and dots.

Surprisingly, the lens flare gets removed on the smartphone after the photograph is taken. This implies that pictures can be post-processed on iPhones running the latest iOS 15 beta version. The flare is still visible as the photograph is being captured.

Apple’s on-device flare reduction appears to be a reasonable attempt to fix the issue. However, it has not yet been observed operating on all iPhone models. According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone XS, iPhone 11, and iPhone 12 may eliminate lens flares through post-processing, based on the reported experiences of Reddit users. However, earlier iPhone devices do not currently have this functionality.

The assumption is that the function is presently only supported by iPhones equipped with Apple’s A12 Bionic chipset. This includes the iPhone XS, XR, and subsequent iPhone models.

Those who have been using the latest iOS 15 beta version and have seen the function in action have exposed some of its shortcomings. For one thing, green flares may still be seen in photographs of trees, screens, and bathroom lights.

Furthermore, the function appears to be limited for the time being and is useless for films filmed under such situations. As a result, iPhone videos will continue to suffer from flares for the foreseeable future.

Apple is slated to release iOS 15 next month, and the anti-flare function is likely to find its way to iPhones. Even though it is not a definite answer, Apple’s latest attempt will undoubtedly assist iPhone users enjoy a better shooting experience on their smartphones.


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