Coffee grinding, on the other hand, is a broad category with many different styles depending on your needs. So, to keep things simple, we’ll categorize them for you so you can see which ones are best for your specific needs at a glance. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re a home hobbyist or a coffee shop owner, a fan of espresso or cold brew. Purchasing your own grinder allows you to maintain complete control over the freshness factor while also enjoying a much broader range of grinds than purchasing pre-ground coffee.

So, if you don’t mind putting in a little extra time and effort, grinding your own coffee will result in the freshest and most aromatic brew without the need to visit the coffee shop on a daily basis.

Coffee Ground Sizes

When deciding on the size of your coffee grounds, there are three main factors to consider:

  • Contact Time
  • Pressure
  • Temperature

A fine coffee grind is required for brew methods with a short contact time. If the contact time is too long, the coffee will be over-extracted and bitter. The brew will be weak and insipid if the contact time is too short.

With the majority of brewing methods operating between 90.6 and 96.1 degrees Celsius, temperature and pressure can both play a role, but the contact time is by far the most important balance to strike.

There are seven levels of coffee ground size.

1.  Extra Coarse Grind

This is the largest grind you can get with a standard burr grinder. These grinds will resemble peppercorns in appearance. Roll with an extra coarse grind if you want to enjoy cold-brewed coffee or a back-to-basics pot of cowboy coffee.

2. Coarse Grind

If you enjoy making coffee in a French press, the coarse grind is the way to go. It has a consistency similar to sea salt. A coarse grind, like extra-coarse coffee, lends itself well to cold-brewed coffee. It’s a great way to experiment with different coffees and also works well in a percolator.

3. Medium-Coarse Grind

When the grind is increased to a medium-coarse level, the consistency resembles the builder’s sand but does not taste like it! Chemex coffee makers use an infusion method to make coffee. If you intend to use one of these decorative brewers on a regular basis, a medium-coarse grind is a wise choice. This halfway house between coarse and medium grinds works well with clever drippers and café solo brewers. Experiment with medium-coarse and broaden your horizons.

4. Medium Grind

If you’re new to grinding coffee beans, a medium grind is a good place to start. To take advantage of medium grind, you can use a variety of coffee makers. Medium grind coffee is ideal for use in a conical pour-over brewer, a drip brewer with a flat bottom, a siphon brewer, or a turbo-charged Aeropress.

5. Medium-Fine Grind

Although not as fine as the grind required to enjoy the best espresso, a medium-fine grind works wonders with pour-over drippers.

6. Fine Grind

Fine grind is by far the most popular size of pre-ground coffee. It’s finer than salt and helps you make the perfect espresso every time. Whether you use a stovetop espresso maker or a traditional vintage Moka pot, you can’t go wrong with a nice fine grind.

7. Super-Fine Grind

Super-fine, also known as Turkish, is difficult to come by. If you want to grind your own, you’ll need a dedicated grinder or you’ll run out of time.


The Baratza Encore is not a new coffee grinder on the market. It has actually been around since the 2010s. However, the Encore has aged very well and remains a viable budget option for both amateurs and professionals in 2021.


  • Due to its balanced performance, the Baratza Encore has maintained a high standing among users and reviewers for nearly a decade. It can produce high-quality grounds in a range of sizes, from fine to medium to coarse.
  • It performs particularly well at fine to medium-fine settings and is capable of maintaining an adequate level of consistency in this range. You can use the resulting grinds in your espresso machine without losing much of the essence of the beans.
  • Ceramic is the more popular material in household grinders due to its longer lifespan. It retains its sharpness for a longer period of time and requires less maintenance because it does not rust or deteriorate in wet or hot environments.
  • One of the best features of the Baratza Encore is its low noise level. As mentioned in the overview, it has an updated gearbox with thermoplastic gears rather than metal gears.
  • The Baratza Encore has a basic control interface. As previously stated, the machine has an ON/OFF switch on the side and a pulse grinding button on the front.
  • The Encore’s bean hopper and grind container can hold 0.5 pounds and 0.3 pounds, respectively. They are both made of plastic and do not have a static charge. This would make cleaning much easier because coffee dust would not adhere as tenaciously to the sides as it does in metal hoppers and containers.


  • High-quality coffee grinds are produced.
  • There are forty different grind settings.
  • Burrs of high quality that can be calibrated to meet individual needs
  • Slow grinding prevents overheating and aroma loss in beans.
  • Very simple to use
  • Relatively calm
  • Simple to clean
  • Strong and durable


  • The price for an entry-level machine is exorbitant.
  • There is no pre-set dosing volume; the user must master the volume.
  • The lack of transparency in the grind container prevents the user from seeing the grind volume.
  • Not particularly fashionable
  • The portafilter cartridge has been secured in place.


This is the first item on the list; it is one of the best coffee grinders and is widely popular. The coffee grinder is costly, but it can be used for heavy-duty work. It is long-lasting and has a good body, delivering top-quality coffee.


  • The machine can spin at 1725 RPM thanks to its powerful 166-watt direct-drive motor. This would easily crush any coffee bean and allow you to achieve the desired coarseness levels in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the 50mm commercial grade grinding burrs will ensure consistent performance.
  • The entire operation is relatively quiet, so the noises will never bother you. Furthermore, the entire metal construction, including the brass interior and stainless steel burrs, will keep the temperature low throughout the grinding process. Because the oil is not affected by heat, this results in a more flavorful coffee grind.
  • The machine can hold up to 0.65lb of whole-bean java for you, ensuring that you have enough ground coffee for the entire day. It’s tough performance will allow it to grind up to 7.7lbs of coffee beans in an hour. As a result, you will always have enough coffee to meet your daily requirements.
  • Users can easily work with 50 different grind settings, allowing you to freely customize the coarseness levels to your personal preferences.
  • Because of its ease of maintenance, the Rancilio HSD roc sd rocky coffee grinder provides absolute comfort when cleaning. This will ensure the machine’s performance after extended periods of heavy use.


  • High-quality materials and premium construction 
  • Tested and guaranteed durability 
  • Aids in flavor retention
  • Simple to use and dependable


  • This is not the cheapest home grinder on the market.


This is one of the best coffee grinders available, particularly for espresso. Not only is it the best coffee machine, but it is also a smart coffee machine that allows you to make as many cups of coffee as you want. It is not cheap, but it is also not prohibitively expensive.


  • To improve the grinding quality, the majority of the interior is also made of premium materials. Stainless steel conical burrs are used here to easily grind any coffee beans. The high-quality material is intended to reduce grinding temperature while preserving essential oils from the beans. This will ensure that your coffee tastes exactly as it should.
  • The burr itself has ten levels of adjustment, allowing coffee lovers to easily work on fine-tuning the grinder settings. Simply remove the burr and turn it to change the levels.
  • The smart Breville espresso grinder also has many programmable settings, allowing you to work on fine espresso or coarse French press batches. Simply turn the knob to select from 60 precise grind settings that will work with any of your beans.
  • You can now change the number of cups, and the machine will automatically adjust the grinding time to better suit your needs. To make things easier, the machine can remember your settings and resume using the previously programmed time and cups. This will ensure that you get the same amount of coffee every time you use the coffee grinder. If you want to make changes, simply update the settings and let the machine remember the new ones.
  • The coffee hopper on the Breville smart coffee grinder pro is well-designed. With an 18-ounce capacity for coffee beans, the machine can easily load enough beans for multiple grinds. Furthermore, if you ever need to remove the hopper, the handy locking system will keep any droppings to a minimum.


  • Premium stainless steel construction is used.
  • Many grind settings to choose from 
  • Precision Electronic Timer for varying grind times
  • Simple to work with
  • Helpful tools to make the job easier
  • Reasonably priced for the value


  • Difficult with large, hard beans.


Kyle Anderson and Kyra Kennedy founded the Baratza Company in 1999, and it is proudly based in the United States. After its first two models, the Maestro and Maestro Plus, the company released its first conical burr grinder, Virtuoso, in 2005. Following a lot of feedback from loyal customers, the Virtuoso coffee grinder was upgraded. It is now a high-end model with more features than most basic grinders while remaining simple to understand and control.


  • The Virtuoso coffee grinder has 40 individual grind settings for a variety of brewing methods, including Espresso and French press. It has a grind range of 200 to 1200 microns. The Virtuoso comes with a 60-second timer for perfect grind consistency.
  • This grinder features 40mm steel burrs made in Europe and a DC motor. These features and characteristics enable the machine to withstand heavy use, so you can expect the Virtuoso to last for many years.
  • For easy cleaning and maintenance, the Virtuoso has tool-free removable burrs.
  • The conical burrs are made in Europe and are capable of grinding beans at 40 different levels. It is appropriate for those who enjoy experimenting with different types of coffee. The burrs are long-lasting and will remain sharp for many years.
  • The machine has 40 different settings ranging from 200 to 1200 microns.
  • The machine reduces the amount of ground coffee that remains.
  • The machine can grind coffee beans to the perfect consistency for a variety of brewing methods, including espresso and French press.
  • The DC motor is powerful enough to easily crush the beans.
  • The 40-second digital timer ensures that the coffee beans are ground precisely for consistent results.


  • The machine’s 40 different grinding options, ranging from extra fine to extra coarse, ensure consistent results.
  • The grinder requires no attention while grinding beans because the 60-second timer and 40 different grinding options allow you to control the grind from extra fine to extra coarse.
  • The machine has a powerful DC motor that allows you to crush coffee beans as finely as you want.


  • The coffee container is too small to accommodate large amounts of coffee beans.
  • If you set the grinder to the highest rpm, the heat may damage your beans.
  • As with most electric coffee grinders, the machine makes noise while operating.


The Capresso Infinity Coffee Grinder is a Smart Buy for anyone looking for an entry-level burr grinder that is of high quality and will last a long time. If functionality is more important than appearances, you can confidently purchase this grinder. Capresso has spent money to improve the motor and the burrs while saving money by not investing in questionable functionality.


  • The burr and motor design are at the heart of a coffee grinder, which may seem counter-intuitive, with the stainless steel conical burrs, burr grinds operating at a relatively low 450 RPM. The gear reduction motor generates the least amount of heat due to friction. Lowering the temperature improves the retention of oil in the coffee beans. The motor’s design also results in a lower noise level when operating when compared to other burr grinders.
  • Capresso has eschewed fashion in favor of a simple classic design in either black or stainless steel that will complement other kitchen appliances.
  • The Capresso includes a plastic hopper that holds 8.8 oz of beans. In addition, the ground container can hold up to 4 oz of ground coffee.
  • They have added an auto-off feature, which is to be expected, but aside from that, Capresso is content to focus their efforts on high-quality burrs and motors, which will result in a more reliable and relatively quieter operation.
  • Users can adjust the grind size by twisting the hopper. When the timer reaches position 0, it will automatically stop. Simply twist the hopper until the black dot moves past the coarse grind size markings to manually stop the grinder.


  • Its conical steel burr component is capable of grinding coffee beans into the finest powders you can imagine.
  • The machine includes a gear reduction motor.
  • When you want to clean it, simply remove the conical burr on top.
  • The coffee container beneath is secure enough to prevent an accidental spill.


  • The Capresso Infinity Grinder has 16 grind settings, which is less than competitors like the Baratza Encore and Preciso.

6. KRUPS F203 Electric Blade Grinder

KRUPS is a coffee industry legend, and this contender for the best blade grinder comes in at an extremely appealing price point. Not everyone wants to spend a fortune on the best burr grinder, so the KRUPS is ideal if you want a tough and attractive grinder for less than a round of drinks at Starbucks.


  • A cylindrical hopper holds whole coffee beans or spices up to the clear lid, which allows you to see the contents being ground. It has the appearance of a spice grinder rather than a coffee grinder, but it does the job well.
  • It has a stainless-steel blade and a 200-watt motor, giving this small grinder plenty of power. In fact, it can grind almost anything you throw at it to the desired texture and consistency, whether it’s cinnamon, coffee beans, or nuts. With this low-cost grinder, it is very possible to obtain an espresso-quality grind.
  • The 3-ounce capacity hopper can grind up to 12 cups at a time.
  • This grinder has a lid-activated switch (like most blenders) that only works when the lid is securely in place for added security. The retractable cord is also useful as a kitchen top companion.
  • You’ll get a large volume of coffee ground quickly, and the fine grind available means it’s an excellent choice for lovers of fresh espresso.
  • Cleaning coffee grinders is often a chore, but this model requires very little effort, as well as some water and vinegar, to get things sparkling again.
  • You can grind up a variety of spices, making it a multi-purpose addition to your kitchen at an extremely low cost.


  • Great brand heritage at an affordable price.
  • Because of the fine grind available, it is ideal for espresso lovers.
  • In seconds, you can grind 3 ounces of coffee.
  • Surprisingly durable for the price.
  • Cleaning is extremely simple, requiring only water and vinegar.
  • As an added bonus, it can also be used as a spice grinder, making it a multi-purpose kitchen appliance.


  • It runs hot, as do all blade grinders, and can scorch your beans.
  • It generates a lot of dust, so it’s best to use a paper filter.
  • It is difficult to control the size of ground coffee.


JavaPresse is a company that sells organic coffee and takes pride in its high quality. While JavaPresse primarily sells beans, the few items it does sell are of high quality. 


  • The built-in grind adjuster allows you to easily switch between the 15 different grind options. The grind sizes are suitable for a wide range of brewing methods, including pour-over, drip, cold brew, French press, percolator, Turkish, and espresso. In certain settings, it can also grind herbs and spices.
  • This grinder is not only suitable for a variety of brewing methods, but it will also grind for many years to come. This is due to the fact that it is made of extremely durable materials. It has a ceramic conical burr and is made of stainless steel on the outside.
  • The body and detachable hand crank are made of stainless steel. The body is divided into two sections: the upper section is the bean hopper with a lid, and the lower section is the ground chamber.
  • Unlike electric grinders, which make annoying noises while grinding, the JavaPresse manual coffee grinder is extremely quiet to use.


  • Every time, consistent grinds
  • It doesn’t make any noise.
  • Long-lasting materials are used.
  • There are 15 different grind size options.
  • It is portable and can be used outside.
  • The hand crank requires little effort.
  • Simple to clean
  • Excellent customer service


  • For some, changing the grind size is perplexing.
  • Grinding large amounts can take a long time.
  • Ceramic burrs must be replaced.


OXO is a brand that you might have seen in your local kitchen supply store in the last decade or so. Known for their long-lasting plastic and metal kitchen utensils, they have recently expanded into the realm of electronic gadgetry with their new “OXO On” line.


  • This brewer is designed to brew as few as 2 – 5oz “cups” (roughly enough for a small cup of coffee), which can be useful if you don’t need or want to brew a lot. Very useful for more expensive coffees that may be considered an indulgent treat rather than a morning fuel.
  • The water is heated to 197-205°F, which is within the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s recommended range (SCAA). This temperature consistency is critical for extracting all of the desired elements of the coffee, specifically body, sweetness, and acidity while avoiding the more bitter flavors.
  • In the brewer’s literature, the programming is referred to as the Barista Brain, and it is designed to slowly pulse hot water over the coffee grinds. This method is intended to mimic the methods used by baristas in cafes, which include a “bloom” and a consistent amount of water on the coffee as it brews.
  • From selecting the appropriate brew to programming the auto-start time, OXO has made the 9-Cup brewer simple to use. The dial is smooth to turn and has a single push button in the center for activation. Again, the brewer handles the brewing details and starts a countdown timer (that goes to 1 hour) after brewing so you know how long the coffee has been sitting there.
  • The showerhead is simple in design and easy to remove for cleaning, allowing hot water to drip evenly onto the coffee grinds. A well-designed water pour is essential for producing the best coffee brews.
  • Over the years, the “truncated cone” shape has been established as a great way to brew coffee. OXO has used a standard “#4” sized basket for the 9-Cup brewer, and the filters are widely available in coffee shops. The basket in which the filter is housed is completely removable for cleaning.
  • As more water is poured through the drip coffee brewer, different elements are extracted from the grinds at different times. OXO has used a tube to allow freshly brewed coffee to reach the bottom of the carafe.
  • While a thermal carafe is not a novel concept, it is simply one of the most effective ways to keep fresh coffee hot. Because external burners essentially reduce and burn coffee over time, simply preventing heat loss with a well-designed carafe is usually the best solution. To avoid losing any extra heat, the carafe is sealed and the coffee is allowed to brew through the top.


  • The grinds are very evenly saturated, indicating a quality brew. 
  • It provides consistent brewing 
  • This brewer is quiet.
  • It has a programmable auto-start.
  • Has a thermal carafe.
  • This brewer has one button/knob for all functions.


  • It has a tall design.
  • It takes a long time to brew.
  • It lacks a brewing time/pulse adjustment.
  • It has no metric measures.


The Bodum Bistro is an excellent grinder for the budget-conscious beginner looking for an introduction to the world of manual coffee. Bodum clearly had this in mind when designing this grinder, as evidenced by its design, features, and low price.


  • The Bodum Bistro burr grinder resembles a fancy restaurant gizmo rather than a dull kitchen appliance. Its appearance alone may persuade you to put it in the center of your countertop.
  • The 160-watt motor spins the 35 mm conical steel burrs at a constant 720 RPM.
  • Bodum has installed a friction clutch on this machine. That is, if any stones get into the burrs, the grinder will make a rattling noise to indicate the presence of the stone.
  • The transparent plastic hopper has a 7.8-oz capacity, but the ground bin is Bodum Bistro’s secret weapon. The 11 oz. The container is made of borosilicate glass, which aids in the discharge of static electricity from the ground coffee beans. So there’s no need to be concerned about spilling fine coffee dust all over your kitchen when emptying the grounds bin right after grinding.
  • It comes in five vibrant colors with contrasting switches.
  • The Bodum Bistro is one of a kind because it is virtually static-free. It means you won’t have to deal with the annoying, oily coffee bean residue that can settle within your burrs and cause a jam over time. A set of plastic spokes ensures that your grounds flow smoothly through the burrs and into the static-free grounds bin.


  • Easy to use
  • Design for today
  • 14 grinding settings in a non-static receiving cup
  • A no-fail operation
  • It comes in a variety of colors.
  • “Friction clutch” safety
  • Time management
  • Quantity management
  • The operation is quiet.
  • Simple to clean


  • There are fewer grinding options than on the market.
  • Bodum does not sell spare parts.
  • To free the grounds, the mill must be tapped.
  • Only 20 seconds of ground for every 5 minutes.
  • Drive gears made of plastic


This is one of the most visually appealing best coffee grinders on the list; it comes in a variety of vibrant colors that may appeal to your palate.


  • This is a sturdy steel construction that also appears to be flawless. There is a shade to suit most kitchen color schemes and pure style, available in stunning “empire” red, “contour” silver, or glossy “onyx” black.
  • You’ll be hard-pressed to need more from a grinder with fifteen individual settings on the dial (eight full turns and seven half turns).
  • It can handle everything from a French press to espresso and everything in between.
  • The cutting burrs are stainless steel, which ensures longevity for the frequent use required by the dedicated coffee lover.
  • The rpm is 450, which is low enough to avoid excessive friction and heat buildup in the unit, which may affect the flavor of your beans.
  • This grinder has a 7-ounce hopper capacity and comes with a jar to store any leftover grinds for maximum freshness.
  • Both are made of glass to eliminate static electricity that causes your grinds to cling to the receptacle, which is a common issue with cheaper models.
  • This model includes a burr cleaning brush and a hand-held scooper.


  • Glass minimizes static build-up visually stunning easy to assemble and use
  • Quiet relatively
  • While in use, it doesn’t move
  • Grinds extremely well


  •  The glass jug is fragile, which is reportedly not good.


Cuisinart is a well-known manufacturer of kitchen and home appliances, including a coffee grinder. The products are long-lasting and highly efficient.


  • Cuisinart created this burr grinder with the novice in mind, ensuring that it met all of their requirements. It’s small, attractive, and simple to use.
  • This grinder includes a set of ceramic block burrs.
  • The DBM-8 has an in-built safety feature that prevents the grinder from running until the bean hopper and ground bin are properly positioned.
  • This Cuisinart burr coffee grinder has an 8-oz removable plastic bean hopper.
  • Despite its all-plastic body, the DBM-8’s fit and finish are on par with Cuisinart’s premium products. The exterior of the grinder is finished in aluminum with black accents, ensuring that it will look good in your kitchen.
  • It is a small, lightweight machine that will not take up much space on your countertop or inside a cabinet.
  • The hopper on the DBM-8 is detachable. The top burr is attached to the hopper’s base and comes out with it. This allows you to dust the coffee residue from the bottom burr.
  • This grinder comes with an 18-month warranty from Cuisinart.


The Cuisinart DBM-8 is an entry-level grinder that is easy to use.

The DBM-8 has 18 stepped grind-size adjustments ranging from “fine” to “coarse.”

Cuisinart claims that this machine can grind 12 cups of coffee in approximately 40 seconds and 18 cups in approximately 55 seconds.

The simplest thing you can do with the Cuisinart DBM-8 is grinding your coffee.

It is relatively simple to change the number of cups.

You can use the machine to grind coffee for 18 cups in less than a minute.

Durable construction ensures a longer lifespan.


It causes shambles that can be extremely difficult to manage.

The Cuisinart DBM-8 has a very low-quality burr set.


The Forte BG Brew Grinder is the newest addition to Baratza’s grinder line-up, designed specifically for multiple prep methods! The Forte BG is a commercial flat burr grinder dedicated to perfecting medium to coarse grinds and was named the best commercial product at SCAA 2013.


  • The Baratza Virtuoso produces the best consistency with its 40 grind setting options in the middle and lower range grind, but consistency may suffer slightly as the setting reaches the highest 40 coarse settings.
  • Any of the grind settings work well with the default 450 rpm grind speed for most users. More experienced users, on the other hand, have the option of adjusting the grind time between 405 and 495 rpm or controlling the rotation speed between 1.5 and 2.4 grams per second.
  • Cleaning the essential parts of the Baratza Virtuoso, such as the burr itself, the hopper that holds the beans, and the ground catcher that holds the end product, can all be done with a simple brush.
  • The coffee machine comes with 50 4MM flat ceramic burrs, which are ideal for grinding coffee. 
  • You can make espresso, French press, or whatever type of coffee you want. 
  • You can make a large amount of coffee for a large number of people.


  • It has a good 40 grind setting, which is a respectable range.
  • It is small in size, but the hopper is quite large and can hold a large number of coffee beans.
  • A plus point is excellent customer service.
  • Consistent grind outcomes


  • The cost of a mid-level grinder is somewhat higher.
  • Its operations are still fairly noisy.


Quality materials, sturdy construction, and straightforward functionality make a strong case for the KitchenAid Burr Grinder, which cuts a hefty and authoritative figure on any coffee enthusiast’s counter. Its wide grind adjustment knob moves in satisfying clicks, and its screenless, analog operation is refreshingly simple. Its good looks are accentuated further by the clear glass of its sturdy hopper and more delicate, thinner-walled glass ground jar, both of which are clad in diecast metal with a variety of glossy finish options.


  • The KitchenAid’s noise level averages between 90 and 95 decibels, which is comparable to other grinders in its class but loud enough to disrupt a conversation you might want to have with guests about the beauty of your grinder.
  • KitchenAid’s grinder is based on the iconic professional Mahlkönig EK43 grinder, with a vertically oriented set of flat burrs that provide a straight-through grind path from hopper to jar. The similarities end there, however, because, in contrast to the latter’s near-mythic ability to produce a consistent grind, the output of the KitchenAid Burr Grinder is noticeably uneven.
  • In addition, the KitchenAid offers only 15 total clicks of grind settings, compared to the significantly higher number offered by most competing grinders in its class.


  • Small size and a reasonable price.
  • The brushed stainless steel exterior is also appealing.


  • Prone to breaking down early and producing consistently inconsistent coffee


We also hope that our reviews have aided you in your search for the best option for your needs, regardless of your budget or preferences. We understand that everyone has different needs, so we’ve attempted to bring together a wide range of top-of-the-line options so that there’s something for everyone’s tastes and budgets.

There is no correct or incorrect answer to what is the best option. All we’ve done is provided you with the full facts and honest reviews so you can go in forewarned and maximize your chances of spending wisely and ending up with superior coffee every day of the week without having to go to Starbucks.

However, our top pick would be the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder. This is the best hand coffee grinder because it does what it is supposed to do better than any other – grind coffee beans with your hand! The excellent price-to-quality ratio and impressive travel-friendly small size combine to make it our top manual hand grinder pick.


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