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Smart plug users have been urged to be cautious while using these really helpful gadgets, since they may pose a cybersecurity risk in certain scenarios. 

According to a TechRadar research, any inexpensive smart plug has been discovered to be particularly vulnerable to hacking. If the hackers discover a vulnerability, they will be able to use the smart plug to obtain access to anyone’s home network. 

A team of cybersecurity professionals discovered how susceptible a smart plug could be. They put to the test a couple of low-cost smart plugs, the Ener-J WiFi and the Sonoff S26, both of which are widely accessible online at places like Amazon. Their testing indicated that with the correct software, any hacker may obtain access to a user’s network and conduct a variety of cyberattacks.

It was observed A&O utilised a unique sort of application to obtain the SSID and PSK of a network. The whole network was exposed once the credentials were obtained. Everything linked to the smart plug may be accessed from there. If an attacker knows the device’s MAC address and the default credentials, they can obtain control of the device and steal all of the user information contained therein, including the user’s email credentials if the alert function is activated.

In this age of technological advancement, smart plugs are incredible pieces of technology. They aren’t much of a danger on their own. However, if one has many devices linked to them (for example, your smartphone or computer), the danger risk rises and protecting oneself gains utmost importance, hence purchasing from a respected brand is advisable.


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