Complaints regarding eye strain convinces twitter to change the contrast of the buttons


Image courtesy: Twitter

Following comments on its design improvements earlier this week, Twitter is increasing the contrast on its buttons. Because of the increased visual contrast in the colours of buttons and links, as well as the new typeface, Chirp, some individuals have experienced eye strain, headaches, and migraines.

Many individuals who are used to it being the other way around have been confused by the changes in contrast, which featured a black follow button that is filled in if you are not following someone. It’s unclear whether or not the modification will be overturned.

The first reaction to Twitter’s modifications was divided, as it always is when a popular service changes its appearance. Over time, some Twitter users are likely to have become accustomed to the change. However, those who claim that the new design has caused them pain point to a typical problem in online accessibility: a lack of options.

Accessibility isn’t a one-size-fits-all; a feature that makes a website more accessible for one person may make it more difficult for another to use. People with poor eyesight or colorblindness benefit from high contrast, while those who are sensitive to bright colours or light may find it unpleasant.

For Twitter’s UI, there is no one most accessible choice. Flexibility provides the best accessibility because it allows users to pick the solutions that work best for them. Toggles for greater colour contrast and reduced motion, as well as display options that enable individuals select between bright and dark themes or scale font sizes, are already available in Twitter’s accessibility menu.

Having more granular options and being able to choose the amount of contrast that fits them rather than having to wait on Twitter to make universal adjustments may save a lot of problems. Twitter did not reply to a request for comment right away, but its @TwitterA11y account has been collecting input on the changes.


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