The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is available for $400 off to new and existing Google Fi users


Image courtesy: HotHardware

The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is available for $400 off for new and existing Google Fi users, a substantial savings from its $999 price tag. Of course, there are some restrictions, such as the fact that you must first purchase the phone and maintain it on a Fi plan for 30 days before receiving the discount in the form of a bill credit. If you’re already a Fi member and wanted to get your hands on the Flip 3, this bargain is a no-brainer.

If you’re already a Google Fi user on a full-service plan (data-only plans aren’t eligible), you may buy the phone and activate it on your plan at To obtain the discount, which comes in the form of a bill credit, you must keep the phone active for 30 days.

Non-Fi customers must activate the phone on a new full-service plan and transfer their existing phone number to Fi; if you opt to obtain a new number on your new Fi plan, you will not be eligible for the bill credit.

If you buy a new Flip 3 before August 26th and register it with Samsung, you’ll get a $150 credit to use on Samsung’s website. You’ll save $550 on the phone with the stacking discounts, which is a terrific price for a brand-new gadget.

According to Google, the Fi promotion is only valid “while the promotion is live and available on the site,” and the Samsung credit is only good until November 9th.


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