Twitter plans to fix the disappearing tweets bug


Image courtesy: The Hindu

Twitter is intending to roll out certain improvements that could keep tweets from vanishing while you are understanding them, the organization said on its help account Wednesday. This is what you may have run into. In case you were checking out a tweet on your course of events, and simultaneously another person you follow answered to it, or the first tweeter strung it, the application would unexpectedly revive, while the tweet vanished from see. That is clearly not great, so Twitter intends to make changes throughout the following two months to fix the issue. 

In a tweet answering to a client, Twitter put what it’s attempting to fix all the more just: “We need you to have the option to pause and peruse a Tweet without it vanishing from see.”  The two-month timetable implies that a fix will not be set up promptly, however, so you may in any case run into the issue before Twitter rolls out the vital improvements. And keeping in mind that it’s not satisfactory precisely what changes Twitter intends to make, the fixes could be welcome for individuals who have been influenced by the vanishing tweets.


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